Trichotillomania Treatment and Support

Living with Trichotillomania

Hannah has been living with trichotillomania since she was only 13 and this helped ignite her passion for helping anyone suffering from hair loss.

Hannah searched for years to find treatment with little success. The “professionals” she sought help from did not provide information for her condition, leaving Hannah feeling hopeless.

When she was 18, it was the first time she was able to receive help for her hair loss and learned she was experiencing Trichotillomania. A condition where an individual pulls or tugs on their hair causing hair loss. It was life-changing for Hannah, and she knew she wanted to help others with trichotillomania hair loss.

Hair Loss Education

She started by working at the place that originally helped her, Hair Therapy for Women. Following that she went to cosmetology school and trained for four years under a Master Hair Additions specialist.

Part of her hair loss journey led Hannah to open a women’s hair loss solutions salon in Sarasota, FL. Her passion grew, and so did her clients living with trichotillomania. Hannah’s own experience helped her connect with hair loss experts across the United States. Currently, Hannah is the Hair Additions Specialist with National Hair Loss in Beverly Hills, CA.

Trichotillomania Specialist

Adding to her experience, Hannah is the Women’s Hair Replacement Specialist and National Educator for Hairuwear American Hairlines. Hairuwear is the number one alternative hair company in the world, with over eight leading brands such as Raquel Welch, American Hairlines, and Great Lengths USA. Because of this, it allows National Hair Loss to offer the best state of the art hair systems and extensions to our clients.

Hannah’s resume also includes traveling and teaching stylists how to apply correctly and style these products for their clients. Recently Hannah became a certified Hair Extension Specialist and Hair Replacement Specialist.

She is a Wigs for Kids salon affiliate, which provides free hair and free services for children living with hair loss. She is a member of the TLC foundation raising awareness about trichotillomania, which helps people suffering from trichotillomania and body focused repetitive disorders.


Hair Additions, Hair Extensions, and Wigs

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