Thinning Hair & Hair Loss Treatments

Female Thinning Hair

There are a number of reasons that women can experience hair loss or thinning hair. Often times we attribute it to our hormones or stress without knowing the underlying cause of female hair loss. Many women try to start a hair loss product with little success. The hair loss will continue to occurs until you determine the cause of their hair loss. Female thinning hair and hair loss can be a result of genetics, hormones, stress, diet, medical conditions, or recent surgeries.
More than 50% of women will experience hair loss or thinning hair at some point in their life.

Hair Loss Treatments For Thinning Hair

National Hair Loss specializes in cutting-edge treatments to help stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth. Our goal is to find the cause of your hair loss and recommend the best treatment options.
Services are available for women, men and children experiencing hair loss (alopecia) as a result of genetics, hormones, die medical treatments (surgery/medication) and chemotherapy.

Female Hair Loss Treatment

  • Hair care specific to hair loss
  • Comprehensive Hair Scan to determine food/drink intolerances & toxic metals
  • Microneedling with stem cells to rejuvenate scalp health
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to restore follicle health and stimulate hair growth
  • Laser Therapy to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth
Each treatment includes a comprehensive follow up program to ensure your success. We have a 98% success rate at stopping your hair loss. We start by identifying the cause of female hair loss and then we use a microscope to identify thinning hair (miniaturization). After we identify thinning hair, we can recommend one of our cutting-edge hair restoration treatments to stop hair loss and increase hair growth.
Complimentary Hair Evaluations
If you or a loved on is experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, contact our office for a complimentary hair evaluation. Not close to our locations? We offer virtual evaluations worldwide.
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