Teenage Hair Loss – An Epidemic?

I believe most would agree that the teenage years should be a rather carefree time of coming to know one self, enjoying your friends, and the biggest anxiety should be from perhaps deciding on your prom date or a college. These times are defining for our youth, and confidence can quickly be dashed to pieces with this one statement, “Mom, Dad, I’m losing my hair and I’m embarrassed.” As a parent, you may have noticed that your child’s hair seemed to be thinner than you had yourself as a child. Maybe you chalked it up to just genetics. If they don’t mention it to you, a lot of parents may not want to bring it up for fear of further damaging their child’s self- esteem.


Consultants of National Hair Loss are seeing an ALARMING UPWARD TREND of more and more teenagers experiencing substantial hair loss. We’re talking about male and female pattern hair loss as young as 15-16 years old. Let’s focus our attention on 2 reasons we may be seeing this in today’s youth. Keep in mind as you read, your child or teenager CAN be helped. The more quickly you address the hair loss, the more successful hair loss treatment can be!


Teenage Nutrition

There is no denying that diet and environmental factors play a massive role in the health of one’s hair. American teens often have diets high in preservatives, fats and starches rather than a diet of fresh, healthy fruits, and vegetables. With fast food at every turn and the rising costs of healthier options, it certainly is challenging to make the right choices nutritionally. As a result, teens often have nutritional deficiencies and the few vitamins and minerals that do come from their food go straight to life sustaining functions, leaving hair, skin and nails to fend for themselves (…How rude)! Teens who are especially noticing hair loss should make certain to eat a well-balanced diet and increase intake of foods that have shown to provide hair the nutrients to improve hair health.

Foods To Eat To Improve Your Hair: chicken, carrots, spinach, beef, walnuts and eggs.


Teenage Hormones

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is a hormone present in everyone’s body. The key to remember is that some individuals are sensitive to DHT while others are not. The more testosterone a person has in their system, the more DHT will be produced. DHT causes two wonderful (insert sarcasm) delights in life, acne and hair loss. DHT shrinks the hair follicles, reduces blood flows, and causes hair to receive minimal amounts of protein and nutrients. Teenagers may experience this type of hair loss at the beginning and during puberty and until hormones balance out in their bodies.

Do DHT blockers work? Men can take a prescription of Propecia that will stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT. It is important to note that in females, there is no way to totally block DHT production in the body. Patients who come to National Hair Loss will be put on a monitored program to reduce the effects of DHT on the hair follicles.


Kelsey’s Success Story

*Kelsey, a vivacious 16-year-old teenage girl, presented to National Hair Loss for a consultation with her mother to learn the causes of Kelsey’s hair loss. Her mother also experienced accelerated hair loss. As a dancer, it was extremely important to Kelsey that she keep up appearances and maintain her confidence. It was clear to see that both mother and daughter were alarmed at the rate of hair loss she was experiencing. After a very detailed consultation, National Hair Loss President Carly Klein put both mother and daughter on a realistic treatment regimen. The customized treatment plan consisted of at home treatments of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and a clinically proven hair care line.


The Results

The results at 90 days were astonishing. I generally do not give patients a spoiler alert when I take their 90 day photos but I was so excited for Kelsey that I had to share immediately! Check out her initial photos taken on the day Kelsey began treatment and the second photos taken at 90 days into her program. It is easy to see that her once sparse temple regions are filling in with thicker, healthier hair and her middle hair part was initially widening is now closing in beautifully! The patient also reports that her hair has even grown 3 or more inches since her first visit with us. The awesome part of this for us is that we see results like this consistently!

How Can I book a Consultation?

Are you concerned about your child’s or teenage hair loss? Call (602) 283-2355 to book a NO CHARGE hair consultation today. Not located in Arizona? That’s OK! National Hair Loss consultants perform virtual consultations daily with patients all over the world and can offer continued support until hair goals are achieved!

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Written By: Brandy Lessafre, Patient Coordinator

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*Patients name has been changed for privacy, Permission granted by patient and legal guardian to share photos.