National Hair Loss in Arizona cancer centers

Supporting Arizona Cancer Centers

National Hair Loss has been supporting Arizona cancer centers including Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tucson centers.


Since 2010, HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center has partnered with National Hair Loss to offer hair loss services to patients with alopecia and chemotherapy induced hair loss.


National Hair Loss specializes in treating various forms of alopecia using cutting-edge technology and top medical expertise for breakthrough treatments.


Our Mission – Hair Loss Resources, Treatments, & Support

It is our mission to provide resources, treatments, and support to men and women enduring hair loss. Our customized Hair Recovery Programs are helping genetic patients stop their hair loss and cancer patients achieve hair regrowth at a faster rate.


Hair Recovery Program for chemotherapy hair loss.

We offer advanced treatments to men and women experiencing hair loss due to genetics, hormones, stress, surgery/medication, and cancer treatment.

  • Chemotherapy hair loss solutions for faster growth
  • Hair growth results as quick as 90 days past chemotherapy
  • Avoid “chemo curls” and sparse regrowth


All treatments offer a personalized Hair Recovery Program and a comprehensive one year follow up to ensure successful results.

Arizona Cancer Centers Partnered with National Hair Loss

Since our partnership with HonorHealth we have established a relationship with Arizona Oncology. Patient consultations are complimentary and available in-office, via phone, video chat or email. Our current partnerships include:

  • HonorHealth Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center Scottsdale, AZ
  • Arizona Oncology Phoenix, AZ
  • Arizona Oncology Tucson, AZ


During a consultation a review of their medical history, hair loss history, and a hair analysis will be conducted to identify the underlying cause of Alopecia. Once a factor is identified a Hair Recovery Program will be customized to the specific needs to ensure a successful program.

Our hair loss centers in California

We are currently expanding to California including:

  • Los Angeles – Salon Repulic
  • Orange County – Phenix Salon Suites
  • San DiegoAdvanced Hair Aesthetics

For more information on treatments visit us online: Cancer Induced Alopecia

Complimentary Hair Evaluation

Schedule a complimentary hair evaluation to learn about the latest in chemotherapy hair loss, hair restoration and hair loss prevention.

Complimentary Hair Evaluations Available in office or online (virtual video chat):

US: +1 602-283-2355

UK: +44 0333 370 2567

Online Evaluation:


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