Stress & Hair Loss

People lose an average of 100 hair strands per day and they may never realize it. However, we start to notice these precious strands once our stress has kicked into high gear.

My personal experience of hair loss started four years ago sitting in my hair stylist chair getting my routine haircut. She immediately noticed a round bald patch on the back of my head with great concern advising to see my Dermatologist. I had no idea of what was about to unfold.

I went into the Dermatologist and got a biopsy to determine why I had this new round bald spot. A week later the results came and I was diagnosed with Alopecia areata. I was advised to start scheduling my steroid injections and got a prescription for a shampoo. However, I was still clueless of what was going on with my body. There was definitely a lack of education and compassion towards my new disease.

Immediately I started researching this disease and became more stressed not knowing the progress of what my alopecia would be. I frantically started to research hair restoration Doctors and was determined I was not going to allow this disease to take over.

This is where my new life began living in a healthier state. My Alopecia was triggered from stress and unfortunately this is something I cannot reverse and only treat. I started to study other people who battled Alopecia areata in more holistic approach. This was start of my journey fixing the root of the problem which was stress.

Stress & Lifestyle Changes

I started to change my morning routine with early morning work outs. This helps greatly to reduce stress and anxiety while setting an example of how my day is going to turn out. Also, I started to map out my days to ensure it would be less chaotic and more organized.

Your diet is also very important when it comes to an autoimmune disorder. I started to read labels and paid more attention to what I was putting in my body which relieved internal stress on my organs. Make sure to ask questions with your medical provider so they can advise options for you and compare with your own research.

Another one of my biggest obstacles was finding the right topical products that delivered results without the chemicals. When you use chemically based products, it will hit your bloodstream within 24 seconds creating inflammation. This inflammation is what attacks the hair follicles triggering hair loss. I was relieved to find a naturally based hair care line that I loved using in conjunction with my new lifestyle. This helped decrease the inflammation on my scalp while stimulating the hair follicles


Now you can see stress can take a toll on your mind which carries through your entire body. It’s important to be proactive of finding ways to reduce your stress for the health of your hair and body.

Stephen Madaus, California Division Leader

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