Stopping Male Hair Loss in its Tracks

Male Hair Loss

People think when it comes to male hair loss that they generally don’t care. Well that is not the case, men are just more private about their insecurities with hair loss. There should be no shame in this game because there are preventative care treatments available. The problem is that most men are not educated on preventive care and only experience “quick fix” method that actually don’t stop the disease.


If you’re reading this that means most likely you are researching different hair loss treatments. Your head is probably ready to explode from being overwhelmed by all the “magic” hair growth products. Google is a great resource tool but at times very difficult to sort out what is credible.


That is why at National Hair Loss we always lead with education when it comes to our complimentary Hair Evaluations. Our entire staff has experienced hair loss so we know the journey you are going through and the frustrations having empty promises. The confusion of where to even start when seeking treatment.


There are currently 4 ways to fight men’s hair loss. Men’s Fitness Magazine breaks out the latest treatments.

Male Hair Loss Treatments

1: Scar-less Hair Transplants

FUE is the latest method for Hair Transplants. Before jumping into a hair transplant, first you want to determine what type of alopecia you are experiencing. Second you want to determine the progress of your hair loss in the Norwood Scale. Third you want to become educated on stopping your disease.


2: PRP

We like to refer PRP like an espresso shot to the scalp. This is one of latest treatments to fight mens hair loss. Before you jump on google and search PRP find a hair loss expert who specializes in treating alopecia. This is great tool in your tool belt but it’s important to be educated on what PRP methods are proven to have best results. You never want to find a Groupon deal and hope for the best. You never settle for less when it comes to the needle.


3: Low Level Laser Therapy

The common question when it comes to LLLT- will this laser off all my hair? We are not in the business to remove your hair- we do the exact opposite. LLLT is a holistic approach to stopping and stabilizing hair loss with up to 66% increase in density. There are several lasers out in “google world” so make sure to do your homework. Medical grade lasers are always the best option when tackling progressed male pattern baldness. This is 1 of 2 ways to help stop the disease and the only holistic way to stabilize.


4: Propecia

The second way to stop mens hair loss is a prostate drug called Propecia. This method has been around for several years. As hair loss treatments continue to scientifically advance and people are more aware of more holistic methods this drug is now an alternative option. Be sure to know the side effects before accepting that prescription.


As you can see there are options but you need guidance to ensure that option best fits your needs. When you educate yourself on hair loss, everything starts to make sense.


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