Reduce Frizz for Curly Hair

Curly Hair Tips

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Curly Hair can be tricky and leave you looking frizzled if you don’t know what you are doing. Trust me, I didn’t develop curls in my hair until my 20s. Prior to that I had stick-straight hair – my mom attributes it to hormones. Learning how to work with my new hair left my cabinet filled with numerous hair care products.

Conditioner for Curly Hair

Leave a little conditioner in your hair or a good curl cream when your hair is still wet to help develop curls.

To help reduce frizz use a cotton t-shirt of microfiber towel. Using a regular towel creates friction when you dry your hair and increases frizz.

One tip I learned from a hair stylist – most curl creams are the same, it usually the person who doesn’t use it correctly. Remember it’s easier to work with curls when wet and before they develop! For more curly hair tips –

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