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Hair loss doesn’t have to be something to live with. Carly Klein, Founder of National Hair Loss, has made it her mission to help women, men, and children regain their self-confidence by finding successful solutions.

“Hair is our identity,” Carly says. The staff at National Hair Loss understand the apprehension many people feel before making that first step to schedule a consultation, and that is exactly why each client receives exemplary, personal service. “Each one of my team members has experienced hair loss, including myself. We are very empathetic to what our clients are going through,” Carly explains.

“People may not realize but many celebrities and people with great-looking hair, that’s not really their natural look. There are lots of cosmetic add-on’s, from extensions to microblading, and more. Here, at National Hair Loss, we are by your side to achieve your hair goals,” she says.

Featured In Hollywood Reporter for our expertise in PRP Hair Loss Treatments

“At Arizona-based National Hair Loss treatment centers, president Carly Klein — who says the company has worked with Frankie Muniz and may soon ink a deal with Mario Lopez to spread the word to the Latino community — boasts a super centrifuge that yields 1,100 platelets per unit (compared to 100 to 150 typically), to which it adds amniotic fluid for a $7,000 treatment that Klein says is 1,000 times stronger than basic PRP: ‘It’s like an espresso shot to the hair. Things that were almost dead, we can resurrect in one treatment.'”

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Johnjay Van Es Hair Loss

Helping celebrities with hair loss including Johnjay Van Es from KissFM Johnjay & Rich. Johnjay has been a long-time client of National Hair Loss and has found great success in our PRP for hair loss treatment. Johnjay openly talks about his hair loss with his followers, allowing them to follow his journey. Recently, he did scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) to help give the appearance of coverage and fuller hair.

Stay tuned to see more from Johnjay and National Hair Loss.

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