Achieving The Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame your face; they are what make your features unique, prominent, and beautiful. From 2010-2015 it was all about the smokey eye. Now since 2015- current it’s all about a natural face and perfect brows. Not all of us were born with Cara Delevingne “caterpillars” and some of us may have lost our eyebrows to over plucking, bad wax job, or thyroid causing thin eyebrows. To stay on trend we resort to brow powders, pomades, gels, pencils, and microblading.


What are the differences between eyebrow products?

Powder $7 – 20EasyNo6-12hrs
Pomade$7 – 20MediumNo12hrs
Gel$7 – 20EasyNo12hrs
Pencil $7 – 20Medium-hardNo12 hrs.
Micro blading $350-1000Done by professionalYes1-2 year


Which one is for you?

Brow Powder for Sparse Thick Eyebrows

If you have thick sparse eyebrows, the brow powder is the product for you. Using a flat angled brush, dip the brush in the powder add the product to your brows in a ‘slash’ manner following the direction that your brows fall in. Do not outline your brows with this product as its only used to fill in sparse areas.

Brow Pomades Using Light Strokes

The Brow pomades are probably the most popular and can be seen used by many make-up artists. Using a flat angled brush, create a line that follows the bottom of your brow and fill it in using a “slash” manner following the directions that your eyebrow hairs fall in. Ensure to use light strokes and avoid creating a line on top of the brow that may result in your eyebrows looking unnatural and boxy.

Brow Gels to Tame Bushy Eyebrows

The gel brow products come in a tube and are applied using a spooly type brush. This product is ideal for those lucky gals whose brows just need a little taming. It is also recommended to run the gel brow products over pomade, powder, pencil or micro bladed brows to ensure a clean, budge proof look.

Eyebrow Pencil for On-The-Go

The eyebrow pencil is for our on the go gals. Its quick, easy, and can be used while sitting in traffic on your way to work. The pencil can be used to fill in sparse areas or to create a whole new brow. Use the same technique with the pencil as you would with the other products, use a “slash” manner stroke and follow the direction that your eyebrow hairs fall in.

Microblading Eyebrows

The microblading technique is the semi-permanent option, it’s easiest to maintain and you’re worry free for at least a year. A trained professional who uses a customized blade to create hair strokes creating a 3D effect. Once they’ve created the look of the brow, pigment is placed over the fresh eyebrow and within minutes you are set. It is close to impossible to create a perfect brow right off the bat, so it’s highly recommended to return for a touchup after 4-8 weeks. Microblading is a great carefree way of maintaining your eyebrows. However, it’s important to be educated and have an understanding about the process. We often see people with great eyebrows mention the technique but very rarely do we know how the process is done. I’ve asked some need to know questions on microblading to a National Hair Loss Affiliate, here are her microblading answers!

In the mean time, remember. fill them in like a painting, not a crayon drawing and you will Be nothing short of flawless and fabulous!


Is Your eyebrow game strong?

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