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National Hair Loss serves a wide variety of patients with a wide variety of hair loss problems.
Watch the videos below to find out what is possible.

Patient Video:

iHeart Radio DJ Johnjay Van Es & PRP For Hair Loss

iHeartRadio & KISS FM Phoenix local DJ, Johnjay Van Es shares his experience with Male Pattern Baldness and finding hair loss treatments that work. Johnjay has tried an array of treatments to stop his hair loss including hair transplants, laser caps, Rogaine, Propecia and much more. Recently Johnjay began Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Patient Video:

Experiencing Alopecia Areata As A Young Female.

National Hair Loss Creative Director Brittany G. shares some of her feelings as young female with Alopecia Areata.

National Hair Loss specializes in creating personalized hair recovery programs for men and women battling alopecia areata and various forms of alopecia. Learn about new therapies to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth without the use of medications or creams. Avoid treatments such as steroid injections and Rogaine that have known side effects and are filled with harsh chemicals.

Patient Video:


In 2015 National Hair Loss partnered with Arizona Oncology to offer low-level light therapy services to their cancer patients suffering from chemotherapy induced hair loss.

Watch the story of an Arizona Oncology Practice Manger who became a patient and lost his hair during cancer treatment. He began working with National Hair Loss using low-level light therapy to stimulate hair regrowth and in a short time was able to get his hair to a confident length.

Patient Video:


National Hair Loss is the first in the country to over a method to stimulate hair regrowth following chemotherapy. Our programs use laser therapy to encourage an accelerated growth process.

Michelle, diagnosed with breast cancer and experienced hair loss as a result of cancer treatment. Michelle shares her story about the fear of losing her hair from chemotherapy and how she overcame an unfortunate medical issue from her cold cap. Michelle found a solution in National Hair Loss Hair Recovery Program using laser therapy.

Patient Video:

Michelle’s Story – Cancer Induced Hair Loss

After being diagnosed with cancer, Michelle began a cancer treatment that caused her hair to to thin. She noticed more shedding from the medications and asked her doctor for help. Michelle’s doctor referred her to National Hair Loss where she started our custom laser therapy program using Capillus laser devices. These low-level light therapy devices are FDA cleared to stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth for men and women suffering from hair loss as a result of a cancer treatment, hormones or genes.

Patient Video:

Letitia Frye’s Story of Hair Loss & Perseverance

After a terrible accident that left Letitia with significant hair loss, on top of a disease that already caused thinning hair, she found hope in low-level light therapy. Watch as she shares her hair loss story and how National Hair Loss Hair Recovery Program helped her achieve her hair goals and confidence again.

Patient Video:

National Hair Loss at 1st Annual NOCC Survivor Retreat

the National Hair Loss team joined 45 #TealWarriors to connect, rejuvenate, and celebrate life! The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition – Valley of the Sun Chapter hosted their 1st annual Survivor Retreat and calculated 251.4 years of survivorship with these incredible women! Check out the FOX 10 Phoenix news segment featuring the wonderful event. Carly Klein, Founder of National Hair Loss, can be seen speaking to a group of women about the effects of cancer treatment, hair loss, and self-esteem.