Patient Testimony – Hair Recovery Program

PHOTO: Following chemotherapy no hair growth/PROGRESS PHOTO: 90 Days on Hair Recovery Program

Patient testimony is a great way to share the success of our Hair Recovery Program following chemotherapy treatment.

“I first learned of National Hair Loss when I attended a class at the Cancer Support Community ( in downtown Phoenix. That evening the lovely ladies of National Hair Loss explained how their treatments (Hair Recovery Program) could speed up the regrowth of hair after chemo. The stylist demonstrated their absolutely beautiful false eyelashes (Lash of Dreams). At the time I was just starting my chemo but my shoulder length red hair was gone and eyelashes and brows followed right behind.  I held on tight to their information as a comforting lifeline for the future.  In the meantime I finished my treatments, wore hats and caps and scarves, and avoided mirrors as much as possible.


Volunteer & Master Stylist Shannon Thomas with Faye

 After treatments I contacted Brittany and got set up for a complimentary consultation that resulted in setting up a treatment plan including three times a week of laser treatments and follicle stimulant spray.  I’ll admit the first couple weeks I felt rather crazy. The treatments were so easy I started to doubt they could work. Just sit in the chair, turn on the hood like a hair dryer, and relax for 30 minutes; feel nothing, just the flashing glow. I was determined to keep on and used the time (30 minutes) as my secret chance to read or watch a movie. My grandkids saw pictures and called it ‘cooking’ grandma’s head. So from then on they were my ‘cooking appointments’ (Hair Recovery Program) and several of my grandkids came along at various times, and ate lunch while I ‘cooked.’

Two weeks in I thought I was fuzzy, three weeks I knew for sure and the itching of regrowth began. I was excited!  Six weeks in I felt comfortable enough to go without a head covering to many places, if it wasn’t in the sun. And now after 90 days, I get compliments all the time on my super cute haircut.  Little do they know!  Growing is continuing, it’s very obvious. I know it’s because of the great ladies of National Hair Loss, their program, and their ‘head cooking!’” – Faye, National Hair Loss Patient & Cancer Survivor

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Complimentary consultations Nationwide. Lash of Dreams available for purchase.

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