Part 1. 90 Day Hair Challenge


Skeptic of hair loss products? Follow My 90 Day Hair Challenge


One of the biggest challenges we face at National Hair Loss is skepticism of hair loss products. I’ll be the first to admit that I have been swooned by the idea of using a hair care product or taking a supplement to stop hair loss, increase thickness with a shampoo, or accelerate growth with an at home product. The reality is, we have a right to be skeptic of hair loss products. The “magic potions”, shampoos, and pills are using “buzzwords” to take advantage of the consumer without the product actually providing the benefits.


“DHT Blockers”

“Stop Hair Loss with this shampoo”

“Grow your hair faster than before”


What does this mean to us at National Hair Loss? As we meet with men and women during their complimentary consultations, most have already tried all the products and invested in “guaranteed” programs that had no follow up. This often results in consumers not trusting the good, quality hair loss products.


Hair Challenge Accepted: Female Hair Loss & Alopecia Areata

I took it upon myself, since I have Alopecia Areata and genetic hair loss, to do a 90 day hair recovery challenge using the products in our Hair Recovery Program.

  • Low-lever laser therapy (LLLT) for female hair loss
  • MONAT Let It Grow (Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo & Spray)
  • 30 Day Follow Up & 90 Day Follow Up


Start of 90 Day Challenge for hair loss:

  • Over the last couple years I have noticed that my hair isn’t as thick as it once was. I was noticing more shedding and hair in the shower. My dad has the typically male pattern hair loss, my mother has thin hair and one of my sisters has thin hair (after giving childbirth), so I attributed my thin hair to genetics.
  • I’ve had alopecia areata since I was 24 and genetic since the day I was born. My hair is about medium length, dark, and coarse. It is naturally curly but I often straighten it (without a heat protector…I’m going to be honest) so it is dry and brittle at the ends. My hair is somewhat “lifeless” when I straighten it, so I would love to add more volume to my hair.
  • My hair loss concerns: I am concerned about my thinning temples and hair part. One of the first signs of female hair loss is a widening hair part.
  • My Treatment: The recommended washing my hair everyday, Intense repair treatment spray at night, and using LLLT 3-4x a week at home using a laser cap.
  • My goal: the #1 goal is to stop any further hair loss, hair growth in my alopecia spots and hopefully improve the overall health of my hair.
  • Stop the shedding – I was shedding excessive amounts of hair in the shower, styling my hair, or running my fingers through my hair. Shedding, I mean clumps of hair in my hands and shower drain.


Over the next 90 days I plan to share my trials and tribulation on the National Hair Loss Hair Recovery Program.

Stay Tuned for 90 Day Hair Challenge – Part 2. My first 30 Days to stop hair loss


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Written By: Brittany Gaines, Senior Brand Director

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