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NHL offers a variety of oncology safe treatments for hair and skin. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact our office to find an office near you.


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Our dedicated oncology division offers personally customized treatments in a relaxed, private setting. Here you can enjoy your favorite salon and spa services. We offer a variety of innovative oncology-safe services for cancer patients who have experienced hair loss or skin concerns from treatment.

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Mon. – Fri. 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Mikul Shah, Medical Director

Salon Services for Cancer Patients 

Maintain healthy-looking hair, create a new look, or enhance the hair you have with our custom hair designs. We have a wide selection of professional salon services. Services include haircut, style, blowout, custom color, and custom hair designs. Our hair systems, wigs, hair extensions and toppers are made of the highest quality hair to give you the most natural look. Information on Salon Services.

Chemo Hair Regrowth Program 

Medical grade stimulants are effective in accelerating hair growth as quick as 90 days. They are clinically proven to grow thicker and healthier hair. Advanced technology stimulates blood flow, increasing cellular energy, and providing viable nutrients to hair follicles. Information on hair growth treatments for chemotherapy.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to Conceal Hair Loss 

SMP is a highly advanced method of creating the illusion of hair on the scalp with cosmetic pigmentation. SMP is an skilled procedure with guaranteed visible, natural-looking results. Information on SMP for cancer patients.

Microblading Eyebrows for Fuller Eyebrows 

Microblading is an innovative cosmetic treatment for eyebrow hair loss. Our skilled artist creates dozens of individual hair-like strokes using pigment for beautiful, full eyebrows. Fill in thin areas or add to spots where you might have once had eyebrows. Microblading gives you natural-looking eyebrows with immediate results. Information on microblading eyebrows for cancer patients.

Oncology Friendly Skin Care for Cancer Patients 

Help your skin recover for a clear, even appearance. We use the best oncology friendly skin care products and protocols for sensitive and compromised skin. Empowering ingredients in our facial cleansers, moisturizers, and masks to nourish and protect the body. Information on skincare treatments for cancer patients.

Oncology Community Events, Support Groups, Scarf Tying

NHL joins local non-profits and oncology centers to provide resources. Our team is dedicated to help raise awareness and restore confidence in patients dealing with the changes associated with cancer treatment. Information on upcoming events and cancer support groups.

Complimentary Evaluations Available in the Office or Online (Virtual Video Chat):

We service clients all over the world by offering virtual evaluations via video chat (FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom).
Google Reviews I couldn’t be more pleased! I started treatment with Brandy Lesaffre and I really notice improvement in my hair being fuller and texture has changed a bit as well. My stylist says she notices a positive difference too! Starting on this program was very worthwhile. I will continue on with the treatments because I see such benefits!