Nourish Hair Growth This New Year

New Year, New You — Even Better Hair! Learn how you can benefit from our cutting-edge treatments that allow you to take control of your hair loss and nourish your hair this new year.


There is hope in restoring your hair. National Hair Loss implements an arsenal of noninvasive options for hair loss and hair rejuvenation. Our dedicated team of specialists will customize a Hair Recovery Program specific to your needs and help you achieve maximum hair growth results.


Make Every Day A Good Hair Day – Hair Loss Solutions

The end-goal in hair restoration is all the same… stop further hair loss, nourish hair, and restore thick, vibrant hair. How does National Hair Loss help you get there:

  • Combat the Appearance of Thinning Hair – Quality hair care and topicals with anti-aging ingredients to cleanse the scalp, stimulate follicles, and add volume to the hair.
  • Nourish Hair from Within – Learn about food & drink intolerances and vitamin deficiencies that are lowering your immune system and weakening your hair.
  • Jumpstart the Hair Growth Cycle – Stem Cell Therapy wakes up dormant follicles to regenerate and thicken existing hair follicles.

Our hair restoration treatments leave your hair looking and feeling amazing! The key is to nourish hair and promote existing hair growth

Stem Cell Hair Restoration

Nourish Your Hair

One of the top hair loss questions asked by men and women. Our answer — as long as the hair follicle is alive, stimulating hair growth is possible. Our hair restoration treatments can:


  • Stimulate the follicle to grow thicker, healthier hair.
  • Revive dormant hair follicles into an active growth phase.
  • Increase hair density and thicken existing hair.
  • Restore fullness and prevent additional loss.


Stop depending on your OTC products to only slow down your hair loss — Invest in a successful treatment to take control of your hair loss and get the hair you deserve.

Complimentary Hair Evaluations Available in the Office or Online (Virtual Video Chat):

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