New Location – Arizona Oncology Tucson

National Hair Loss is excited to announce our newest location in the Arizona Oncology Tucson office of Dr. Rachel Swart located on Orange Grove Road.

For the past 6 months National Hair Loss has successfully treated Arizona Oncology patients at the Biltmore – Phoenix, AZ office with chemotherapy induced Alopecia. National Hair Loss introduces a new holistic approach to recover hair after the devastating effects of chemotherapy with hair regrowth results seen as quickly as 90 days.

Complimentary Hair Evaluations begin August 12 at our Arizona Oncology Tucson location.

Schedule for August 12th and receive a sample of our exclusive hair care line.


National Hair Loss specializes in hair recovery programs for individuals suffering from hair loss as a result of chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment as well as various forms of hair loss.

National Hair Loss hair recovery programs accelerate the hair regrowth process following chemotherapy using low-level light therapy. With the assistance of light therapy patients have seen tremendous hair regrowth in half the time; light therapy can speed up regrowth by 50% with results as quick as 90 days. If a cancer patient has a predisposition to genetic hair loss, light therapy is able to combat hair loss and often patients experience thicker and healthier hair.

See what Arizona Oncology Biltmore Practice Manager, Bryan Gilpin has to say about the National Hair Loss Hair Recovery Program. WATCH HERE: From Professional to Patient

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Schedule today by calling our office or contacting an Arizona Oncology team member. (602)283-2355 or (877)551-5350.

Website: Arizona Oncology

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