New Hair & Skin Rejuvenation Services

Take years off your aging face – NHL now offers services to enhance your appearance without the injections or surgery. Their newest location at the Scottsdale Quarter offers a concierge-like atmosphere and cutting-edge treatments with successful results. Their services are result driven and their goal is to make you look and feel your best with customized packages and VIP Memberships.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Enhance your look after 1 session! One of the most innovative therapies for aesthetic rejuvenation and hair restoration is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP treatments use a concentrated amount of your own plasma to promote the cellular regeneration process. Use on your face (Vampire Facial) for a more youthful appearance and for your scalp to boost hair growth. What separates NHL from other offices offering PRP, their procedure is processed in a particular way using a state-of-the-art centrifuge proven to provide the highest concentration of PRP and achieve maximum results. Add specialty stem cell boosters to increase your results.

Complimentary Hair Evaluations Available in the Office or Online (Virtual Video Chat):

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