National Hair Loss at the Scottsdale Quarter

Tell us briefly about National Hair Loss and why you decided to open a hair loss clinic in Scottsdale at the Scottsdale Quarter?

National Hair Loss specializes in the most advanced and successful hair restoration treatments and services. Our innovative approach offers men, women & children a chance to restore their hair loss. We have a program for all types of hair loss and thinning. All hair restoration services include a comprehensive follow up program to ensure your success. National Hair loss serves many high-profile clients such as Johnjay and Rich, Heidi Powell and Leticia Frye.

Moving our business to the prestigious Scottsdale Quarter allows us to serve a V.I.P experience to our clientele. With our expansive space we can offer a wider variety of services.

Do you believe it is important to consider the community when considering an office location for your clients?

It is important to consider the community around our new office space. Our demographic has considerably changed in the last 7-8 years from an average age from 55 years old, now in their 20’s & 30’s. We find that a younger group feels more comfortable in these types of environments versus medical plazas.

By having additional businesses present it gives National Hair Loss exposure to people who may not have known about our business or someone who may be needing our hair restoration services.

Do you consider partnering with businesses around you to enhance your client’s experience?

Yes. we work a lot in the community and could easily see our partners wanting to be in this area. We host community events every year with local businesses to help promote health and wellness. By hosting these events in trendy parts of town we are able to get more attendees and exposure.

We do annual events that bring a few hundred people in. We have one in May called Beauty in Bloom and it’s a very popular event that we feature healthy living from the inside out. We have around 20 local vendors who attend.

What separates your hair loss clinic from others in Scottsdale?

We just recently opened in Beverly Hills and we are always looking at the latest trends in for luxury aesthetic and hair loss services. Carly Klein, Founder of National Hair Loss, travels all over the world visiting the top hair restoration facilities and speaking on how to have healthy hair. Our new office in Scottsdale gives locals will be able to get the most innovative and holistic hair loss treatments from around the world when it comes to combating hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatments in Scottsdale

National Hair Loss
15169 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Suite C3-340
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone: 602-283-2355
Free 50-minute consultations.

Complimentary Hair Evaluations Available in the Office or Online (Virtual Video Chat):

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