MONAT Hair Care – A Personal Story with NHL California Division Leader

Hair loss is a growing industry and the more information there is, the harder it is the find the right hair loss products for you.

We decided to go straight to the source and spoke with our team member Stephen M., National Hair Loss California Division Leader, about his favorite hair care line. Stephen has been a MONAT ambassador for over 5 years and has built a loyal following with his expertise in hair care products. His passion for hair care lead him  to connecting with National Hair Loss and soon  a position on their team.

When and why were you introduced to MONAT?

My alopecia journey started over 7 years ago. As many of us we are forced to go to “Dr. Google” and go down this rabbit hole of negative energy. Many times, it was like trying everything and throwing it at the wall and seeing what sticks. It’s a very frustrating journey because you are exhausting time and money and hope soon dwindles over time. I think that is why there is such a negative stigma when it comes to products for hair loss or hair in general.


While I was adapting to a new lifestyle with an autoimmune disorder (Alopecia Areata) I continued to study other people who had success recovering their hair. There were few things that consistently were the same. Major changes in diet, lifestyle, stress and products. Fortunately, over time I was able to restore my hair but would get a flare up on an annual basis. I was looking for a new topical regimen that aligned with my new lifestyle. My aunt wanted to send me some hair care products to try. Of course I was very skeptical of this new product concept when it first launched. I tried the products and it was the first time I felt a decrease of inflammation on the scalp and started getting baby growth faster than any other topical treatments I have tried.

What made you want to become a MONAT ambassador?

As you can see from my personal experience using the products I became product of the product. I couldn’t believe how much it helped me which inspired me to help others. That was my whole purpose and as I look back can see why it has progressed into so many other opportunities. My certainty of how it helped others was like a mission for me and I wanted everyone to know about it. Which led me to connect with National Hair Loss who saw my passion of helping others with hair loss.

What made you want to make hair loss a career?

In my own experience with hair loss I knew others felt there was a lack of education and compassion when it came to seeking hair loss treatment. I wanted to help fill this void and change the industry. It’s not always about treatment it’s having the person to person support who understands your frustrations. I truly found a purpose and I was going to do what it takes to make this happen. National Hair Loss gave me the opportunity for mentorship building a career in hair loss and open a program in California. I changed my entire career and could not be more grateful for the opportunity and my team.

How do you help MONAT ambassadors with a beauty and medical backgrounds continue their education and expand their business with NHL Affiliate Programs?

The thing I love most about NHL is that we always lead with education and getting to the root of the problem. I have connected with so many Image and medical professionals who have their own success and love for the products. Generally, I know right away your heart is in the right place and I want to help them further help their clients.


It can be simply just by attending a Master Alopecia Class learning how to identify alopecia with their clients and how to provide resources. Many professionals actually want to implement a Hair Recovery Program into their business. Based on qualifications and how much support they need we have their different affiliate programs. My mission is to educate and empower as many Image & Medical Professionals because together we make up in numbers and impact change.

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