Microneedling Hair Loss Treatment

Microneedling Your Scalp

We implement cutting-edge stem cell therapy with our microneedling to help boost hair growth. The 15-minute painless procedure creates cellular energy to help repair and revive hair follicles.

Prior to microneedling, we will examine your scalp with a microscope to identify dormant follicles and thinning hair and target those areas during the procedure. To enhance your results we use a stem cell topical and massage into the scalp.

Stem Cell Hair Growth

Microneedling creates micro-channels on the scalp to absorb topical products. Amniotic fluid, growth factors and stem cells. Add any of these exclusive boosters to your treatments to enhance your hair growth results.

At Home Microneedling Treatment

Our exclusive combination stem cell serum and a derma roller allow you to treat your hair loss at home. Learn more – At Home Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment

Complimentary Hair Evaluations Available in the Office or Online (Virtual Video Chat):

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