Meet Stephen Madaus – National Hair Loss Team Member

Meet Stephen Madaus – National Hair Loss Team Member

?‍?NHL Hair Loss Specialist

?Hair Care Entrepreneur


?Fitness Addict

? Healthy Hair Influencer


Stephen’s Alopecia Areata Journey

Stephens personal experience with alopecia lead him to start an Instagram account to help others. He shared his personal testimony using hair care and shortly after his hair began to grow and so did his followers. As he shared his journey he gained many followers from the Alopecia community and documented his progress.

“This was my last #AlopeciaAreata Flare Up in April of 2017. ? Since my first AA flare up 7 years ago (where I lost 70% of my hair) on average I was getting 1-3 flare ups per year. ? It was either on my #Scalp or in the #Beard (I can barely grow a beard SO every stubble counts ?) I would Say we are making progress making it over the 1 year Mark with no #Flares. ✌✌ #AlopeciaAreataAwarness” – Stephen’s Instagram Account @hair_entrepreneur

Stephen’s Impact at National Hair Loss

Now, Stephen’s reach is over 8,600 followers from all over the world! Within those followers was National HairLoss. We connected with Stephen and learned about his passion for helping others with hair loss.

“Today marks 2 Years since I took a leap of faith and started my career with National Hair Loss.

Changing your entire career into something completely new was terrifying and exciting all at the same time.

All knew that I found my calling and this opportunity was going to allow me to help others with hair loss on a larger scale.

I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful people and help guide them through their hair loss journey.

I could not be more grateful to work with an amazing team who love what they do while having continued mentorship with National Hair Loss Founder, Carly Klein, who always strives to offer the latest treatments and education .

Stay tuned for some more exciting News that I will be announcing next month!” – Stephen M., National Hair Loss California Division Leader.


Thank you Stephen for your dedication to National Hair Loss. You have been an incredible asset to our team and we continue to support the impact you make in the alopecia community!

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