Will I lose hair after a hair transplant?

Hair not growing after hair transplant.

Hair transplants have come a long way, the end goal is the same – get back the hair that was lost. Men who receive a hair transplant are likely suffering from male pattern baldness and have noticed hair loss over the years. Hair transplants give you an opportunity to restore your hairline, increase fullness and reduce the visible signs of hair loss.

Thinning Hair After Hair Transplant

A hair transplant requires moving hair follicles from the donor area (back of the head) and placing them in designated areas on the scalp. The transplanted hair from the donor area is insensitive to the hair loss hormone DHT and will not thin, however the existing hair in the transplanted area is sensitive to DHT and can thin over time.

Getting a hair transplant does not stop the production of DHT and can continue to cause hair loss. DHT restricts the blood vessels that feed the hair resulting in thinning hair and eventually hair loss.

Hair Loss After Transplant

Hair transplant patients often are concerned with thinning after a hair transplant. Most patients notice shedding a couple weeks after the procedure. This is part of the process and the hair will start to grow as normal. Some patients after their hair transplant will notice the hair growing in is thin and weak or hair never grew in at all.

There are a few hair restoration options available to help stop hair loss, boost hair growth or help you conceal hair loss.

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