Letitia Frye – A Story of Female Hair Loss

Letitia Frye – Female Hair Loss & Perseverance

If you are involved in the philanthropy industry you may have had the pleasure of seeing Letitita Frye in action. Dubbed “America’s Foremost Auction-tainer,” Letitia’s passion and involvement in charities around the world gives her a name for herself.

Being on stage in front of people terrifies most people but for her it was a rush!

After a terrible accident that left Letitia with significant hair loss, on top of a disease that already caused thinning hair, she found hope in National Hair Loss Hair Recovery Program. WATCH HER STORY

“I was given an outline….if you do this, you will see that. It was a routine that was easy to follow and showed great success.” – Letitia.

After 4 months on our Hair Recovery Program Letitia’s hair was able to recover allowing her hair become thicker, stronger, and healthier.

Before: Female Hair Loss/After: 4 Months on Hair Recovery Program


“I can actually say this is my hair! The texture has changed, it’s stronger. And Im no longer pulling hair out of my drains.” – Letitia.


Watch as she shares her hair loss story and how National Hair Loss Hair Recovery Program helped her achieve her hair goals and confidence again. Suffering from female hair loss? We can help, for a complimentary consultation with National Hair Loss please call (877)551-5350 or visit www.NationalHairLossAssoc.com.

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