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Johnjay’s Guide for Men with Thin Hair

Johnjay Van Es uses his platform as an iHeart Radio DJ and social media guru to share with his followers new hair loss treatments and often documents his journey. As many of his followers know, Johnjay has a few obsessions: social media, puppies, and having the best hair.

Recently he received the newest cutting-edge treatment PRP (platelet rich plasma) to help stimulate hair regrowth. Johnjay has tried an array of hair loss treatments over the last decade including two hair transplants and years of using Propecia.

Hair Loss Treatments for Men

  • Rogaine
  • Propecia
  • 2 Hair Transplants
  • Laser Therapy
  • PRP

PRP for Hair Loss

We recommend PRP when we are able to identify miniaturized hair (thinning hair) or dormant follicles (follicle is alive but not producing a hair strand). This is a new innovative treatment using your own body’s regenerative potential. Infused with the PRP are additional growth factors to provide support to stem cells to help with production of hair growth. Typically, there is only one treatment very 6 months. 

How Is PRP Used?

Blood is drawn from the patient and placed in a top of the line centrifuge, yielding the highest concentration of PRP. The blood is spun until the red blood cells (cause inflammation) is separated from the Plasma. From the plasma is PRP (platelet rich plasma) and PPP (platelet poor plasma) which will then be injected into the areas of the scalp to stimulate follicles and hair regrowth.

Men’s Thin Hair Styles & Treatments

 Johnjay gets all his favorite hair loss and hair care products from National Hair Loss. We offer a wide range of men’s hair care products for every hair type. Another one of his must have products for hair loss are hair keratin fibers. “I never leave home without them

Favorite Product: Keratin Hair Fibers

Favorite Shampoo: MONAT Black Shampoo+Conditioner

MUST HAVE Hair Loss Product: Low-level Laser Therapy

Enjoy free hair care sample set of hair care products when you mention “Johnjay” at your no-cost consultation. 


How do we identify hair loss?

Our team collaborates with doctors and researchers from all over the world to optimize outcomes. We use a tool that allows us to capture microscopic photos to identify hair loss such as follicles being red and inflamed.