Is My Hairline Is Receding?

Answers provided by Stephen M., California Division Leader. Stephen is knowledgable in male hair restoration treatments and has been treating his own hair loss with success.

My dad and grandpa have receding hairlines, does that mean I will be too?

Stephen: My dad had a great hairline but started to recede at the hairline into a strong widows peak in his 50s.  I didn’t start to notice my dad’s thinning hair until I had my own hair loss. The big question, does hair loss come from my mom or dad?

You have to look into your family history of your mother and father’s side because you carry DNA from both parents. In many cases hair loss might be aggressive on one side of the family and very little on the other, or is some cases come from both.

What are the first signs of a receding hairline?

Stephen: Men go through two hairlines in our lifetime. You have a hairline as a young boy and teenager, then as you mature so does your hairline. How to tell if your hairline is receding? You can take four fingers together in a horizontal position starting from your eyebrow to hairline. If the distance from your eyebrows to your hairline is greater it may be the beginning of a receding hairline.

Another good rule of thumb is to learn about the Norwood scale and determine if you are experiencing the same patterns of hair loss. You can take it step further and book an appointment with a hair loss specialist to see how much miniaturizations you have microscopically.

What hair loss products can I use for my hairline?

Rogaine on Hairline: Romain is a simple tool to add to your hair routine when experiencing hair loss. You just have to have realistic expectations that these options only slow down, it does not stop hair loss.

Propecia: Propecia is a brand name hair loss medication that has been around for years. There has been many success cases using this to help with hair loss.

Mens Hair Loss Products: There are alternative products that are clinically proven to deliver hair growth results. Start with a hair loss shampoo for men. It contains proper “degreasers” to help lift the DHT (hair loss hormone) from your scalp.

Stem Cell Hair Care: This is a great hair growth serum if you’re on a preventive care treatment. Combine it with our at home medical grade laser and see thicker hair as quick as 90 days.

What treatments will restore a thick hairline without surgery?

Low Level Laser Therapy: This treatment has a 98% success rate of stopping androgenetic alopecia. More than 65% of patients will see reversal of thinning hair. It’s easy to be compliant doing at home treatments with no side effects.

PRP: PRP is like an “espresso shot” to follicles which is a great for thickening hair quickly.

Microneedling the scalp: Deliver stem cells straight into thinning hair for thicker, healthier hair. Consistent microneedling is key to achieve desired results.

I’ve seen commercials on TV for hair loss products, what makes NHL treatments different?

– Customized Program To You: I always tell potential patients it’s not always just about the treatment but also the support provided on their hair loss journey. Most hair loss treatments or products will have some form of negative review if they’re not being overseen. Many will give up if they don’t understand their treatment or life experiences.

– Work 1-on-1 with NHL Concierge Consultant: Each patient has a 1 year concierge service with a dedicated hair loss specialist who has experienced alopecia themselves. So you can relate with someone who has been on the same journey guiding you through every challenge and celebrate each success.

– Follow Up Program for up to 1 Year: This is crucial to tracking a patients results to ensure they see progress. Most will never think they are having results until we do their photo review showing progress digitally and microscopically.

Complimentary Hair Evaluations Available in the Office or Online (Virtual Video Chat):

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