How Much Hair Loss Is Too Much?

Shedding Hair During Season Change

During seasonal changes there is a trend of excessive shedding. This can become alarming to many of us, especially those with thinning hair or hair loss.

When does shedding hair become a problem? When genetic hair loss is present, the hair shedding out is replaced by thinner and weaker hair.

How Much Hair Loss Is Too Much?

“I started to notice I was shedding more than normal. So I saved up my hair after every wash (TMI… I know) and this is weeks worth of shedding! For me this seems excessive but I remember last year around this time going through a big shed so I’m keeping a close eye and stepping up my hair care routine.” @life_with_alopecia
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Shedding hair is so alarming to many patients and heavier periods of shedding can occur with weather changes and other various factors!

 Products to help with hair shedding

When seasonal shedding occurs we recommend using a hair loss shampoo or hair loss products. Hair loss products contain active ingredients to stimulate hair growth. Massaging the scalp can increase the blood flow and help products absorb into the follicles. Currently our office relies a 3-step-system hair care system for hair loss. Shampoo will cleanse the scalp, conditioner with properties to promote heathy hair, and stimulating topical with active ingredients to stimulate hair growth.

How to Stop Shedding?

Shedding is part of  a healthy hair cycle. If you believe you are shedding more than normal or have excessive shedding, contact our office for a complimentary hair evaluation.

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