House Calls with Dr. Mariano & National Hair Loss

A Good Hair Day

In our society hair is a big deal – men want thick hair, women want long beautiful hair. Our hair often reflects our youth and health – and can impact our quality of life. Recently National Hair Loss President, Carly Klein, was invited as a guest on Dr. Connie Mariano’s “House Calls” to discuss her passion as a game-changer in the hair loss industry. Carly founded National Hair Loss to help women and men restore their hair and confidence through a variety of hair restoration treatments to stabilize hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Hair Restoration Treatments

  • Laser Therapy for hair loss
  • Stem cell therapy for hair growth
  • Amniotic fluid hair therapy
  • Hair scan to determine what intolerances cause hair loss

We understand how your hair loss can affect your life and we want to help boost your self confidence. Our cutting-edge treatments will restore thicker and healthier hair within weeks.

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

National Hair Loss has helped Dr. Connie and many of her patients restore healthy, vibrant hair. Our team of hair loss consultants have a personal experience with hair loss and it gives us a different approach with our patients. Our office offers a complimentary 45 minute consultation with a designated consultant. Education is the most important part of treating hair loss.

We answers your tough hair loss questions:

  • Why am I shedding all this hair?
  • Is my diet causing my hair loss?
  • Do I have alopecia?
  • Are my hormones causing my hair loss?

Our in-depth consultations allow us to determine your type of hair loss and customize a hair loss treatment plan specific to your needs.


Dr. Connie Shares Her National Hair Loss Review

Dr. Connie opens up about her female hair loss and working with National Hair Loss. “I’ve always had thick long hair until my late 50s. I saw all this hair in my shower or brush. I started noticing thinning in my crown and my hair  texture changed. I went and asked my hairdresser for extensions – that didn’t help. Then I came to see you at National Hair Loss. What really impresses me is your education. You photograph before, during, and after. Close up images of their hair loss in microscopic views so I can see changes over time.”

Tune in to Dr. Connie Mariano House Calls

Thursday at 4PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Episode: Do what you love, love what you do

Aired: September, 20th, 2018

Hear the full episode:

“In honor of Labor Day, Dr. Connie explores the topic of work – and enjoying that work. Two ladies who love what they do will join Dr. Connie in the studio to talk about their careers. The “mane event” will feature Carly Klein, a leader in hair loss recovery. The main event will introduce us to Katina Patriquin, who runs a successful photography business. You won’t want to miss this episode that is sure to be full of fun!” – Dr. Connie Radio Show