Heidi Powell’s 1 Year Hair Loss Transformation

Heidi’s Hair Loss Transformation

April 2015  we had special guest Heidi Powell & her husband Chris Powell come to the office for Heidi’s one year review. Heidi opened up to National Hair Loss President Carly Klein about her hair loss journey, hair extensions, hair loss treatments, and restoring confidence. We revealed Heidi’s hair loss transformation and she was blown away by the results!


We are revealing Heidi Powell’s 1 year Hair Recovery Program results to stop female hair loss!


Stopping hair loss, restoring confidence, and brining awareness to female hair loss.

Heidi Powell has shared her story since the moment she began to notice her thinning hair. She made the decision to take out her extensions to give her hair a much needed “break.” She then realized that the extensions were adding more volume but the hair loss needed to be addressed. Heidi reached out to her friend Johnjay Van Es and was connected with Carly Klein at National Hair Loss. Heidi entrusted the National Hair Loss team to provide her with the latest in hair restoration and hair loss prevention. After one year on her program it is safe to say that we have achieved a goal of healthy hair and stabilizing hair loss.

Heidi Powell – 1 Year Hair Transformation
  • Before (Female Androgenic Alopecia)
  • After (1 Year on National Hair Loss Recovery Program)


During her visit Heidi received a new treatment for hair loss including PRP, Growth Factors, & an exciting new innovative treatment using amniotic fluid!

Heidi is currently using National Hair Loss treatments to stop her hair loss, now she is sharing her favorite tools to help stop hair loss dead in its tracks. Here are a few of the hair transformation products she is using available through National Hair Loss:

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