Hair Loss From My Mother’s Side

For as long as I can remember my mom always had thin hair. Unfortunately for some of us young females, I know I will inherit hair loss from my mother.


I would describe her hair has short, curly, and thin… simply saying, not much to work with. Her siblings all have hair loss as well, which was inherited by my grandfather. Both my aunts and my uncle have thin hair and so do their children. I have two male cousins whose receding hairline looks like our grandpa’s balding hair.


Easy to say there is a genetic hair loss gene from my mother’s  father.


Hair Loss From My Mother or Father?

Truth of False: Is it true that everyone who has genetic hair loss inherits hair loss from the mother’s father? FALSE! Our DNA and genetic make-up is from both our mother and father; either of them can pass down the hair loss gene.


Hair Loss After Childbirth

My mother said she began to experience hair loss after childbirth and after each child the hair loss never recovered. I am one of three daughters, and two of us have genetic hair loss. Unfortunately our father has hair loss as well, our hair loss gene comes from our mother and father.


Then came menopause hair loss…

As with all women, as we get older our hormones begin to change and we experience menopause. Menopause is another common factor that can cause hair loss. My mom noticed that her hair loss got worse as she went through menopause. By this time her hair was thin, you could see her scalp, and she was shedding like crazy! Her hair was so thin you could see her scalp right through.


5 Star Hair Loss Treatment

After a period of time of being unhappy with her hair, she reached out to me and asked about our laser cap program to stop hair loss. At that time she had been using hair fibers as a form of “treatment” when we both know she was covering the hair loss not addressing the issue.

I personally had been using the laser therapy program for hair loss and recommended it to my mother. Of course she was skeptical, and threatened to withhold future gifts if the hair loss products did not work.

She began with the low-level laser therapy personal device, which she used at home 3-5x a week. The laser therapy device is used to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth from women experiencing hair loss. My mother began to use the best shampoo for hair loss, MONAT Intense Repair Shampoo. The active ingredients are used to remove DHT and stimulate hair growth.


10 Week Difference

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Written by: Brittany Gaines, Sr. Brand Director

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