Hair Growth After Chemo Products

Chemo Hair Regrowth

Most often when you go through chemotherapy treatment you may lose your hair. Hair loss can be one of the toughest physical challenges of chemo. Following treatment one goal is to get your hair back. Some people may need the assistance of chemo hair regrowth products. National Hair Loss offers a variety of treatments to stimulate hair growth including:

  • Hair care products for chemo patients
  • Laser therapy to accelerate hair growth after chemotherapy
  • Hair Analysis test to know which foods will promote hair growth

Help Hair Grow After Chemo

The most important part of helping your hair grow after chemotherapy is education. Your hair goes into dormancy, like a protective shell, during chemotherapy and sheds out. The hair loss is temporary and usually begins to grow back once treatment is finished. However, some people will experience long-term hair loss or slow hair growth after chemotherapy. This can be caused by a number of reasons including:

  • Predisposition to genetic hair loss
  • Amount of chemotherapy sessions
  • Any surgery included in treatment
  • Any medications during and after treatment

Chemotherapy Hair Growth Products

Photos show female patient weeks following after completing her chemo treatment with little hair growth. Photo results show 90 day results on hair recovery program. Learn more.

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