Beginners Guide To Hair Extensions

We live in a day and age where we want everything at the tip of our fingers, especially good hair. We want long hair one day, short hair the next. I personally dread waiting for my hair to grow back after I let my stylist go “Edwards Scissorhands.” Fortunately a master stylist decided it would be smart to connect faux hair to real hair using glue, sewing, or clip-in hair pieces to add volume and length, and we haven’t looked back since. What a great convenience to have the liberty to choose what length your hair will be that day using hair extensions!


So here is the good, the bad, and need to know on hair extensions:

If chosen wisely, extensions can give you a flawless, voluminous look. Your braids would look thicker, your ponytail will look fuller, and your hair would over all look very healthy.

Here is a couple different variations of hair extensions that can be applied to your hair:


Hair Extension Prices

Unfortunately, beauty does have a price and we can’t be savvy shoppers when it comes to hair. Often time’s companies jump on board with a popular product and sell it at a “affordable” price. These lower budget options are beautiful in the box but once you put them in your hair their lack of quality can be visible and can matte up into a bird’s nest after a couple hours. So when choosing the right weave for your hair ensure that you’re not picking the cheapest option. Real human hair, at it’s cheapest, is around $200.00+, anything less is a failed investment.

Quality hair should be treated like a strand of gold. Weather it’s a clip in, sew in, or a bond (glue) extension piece ensure that your hair is moisturized, you use a heat protectant when styling, and you brush it with gentle care. The hair on our scalp has a source of nutrients coming from the scalp while the extensions rely on you for the nutrients.

Hair Extensions and Hair Loss

Hair Loss Fact: Hair extensions, if placed in the same spot every single day can cause a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. When hair is yanked or pulled on a day-to-day basis it will damage the follicle over time. To avoid this issue, clip the extensions in different areas or let your stylist know to move the hair around when you go in for a touch up.

If you are planning on getting extensions or currently have them installed in your hair schedule a consultation with National Hair Loss to see what we can do to help ensure your natural hair is a candidate for extensions.

Heidi Powell (National Hair Loss Patient) wearing extensions by Chrissy of Habit Salon.

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Written By: Borijana Bilic, National Hair Loss Team Member



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