Hair Analysis Test for Female Hair Loss & Underlying Health Issues

Hair Analysis Test – Toxins, Deficiencies, & Hormones

Have you gone to a physician for your hair loss and have received an answer you were unsatisfied with? “Here is Rogaine and I’ll see you in 6 weeks,” or “Take this medication but there are side-effects,” was the typically answer most men and women received with consulting a primary care physician or dermatologist. Hair Analysis tests are a great way to identify the underlying cause of your health related issues including hair loss. 


National Hair Loss is now offering a new hair analysis test find the leading cause of your hair loss and additional health related issues.


A sample of hair is taken 1 inch from the scalp and if hair is not available nail clipping tests are available. Macrominerals and toxins are tested for deficiencies and a personalized nutritional balancing program is provided.

Hormones & Hair Loss

Healthy hair, skin, and nails are signs of a healthy lifestyle and hormone function.


After attending a recent women’s health event hosted by HonorHealth I realized that the body as a whole functions together and when a component or hormone is imbalanced the rest of the body is begins to over or underproduce hormones.


For females these 5 key hormones play an important role for the body and mind. Know your hormones:
  1. Thyroid
    • Thyroid Hormone
    • Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid
  2. Fat Cells
    • Estrogen
    • Leptin
    • Hunger & Weight
  3. Pancreas
    • Insulin
    • Blood Sugar
  4. Adrenal Glands
    • Cortisol
    • Stress Response
  5. Ovaries
    • Estrogen
    • Testosterone, Progesterone
    • Reproduction


Underlying factors that cause hair loss that we cannot “see” or “feel.” During our consultations most women believe that their hair loss is due to stress or their hormones (thyroid). Our questions to them are:


When was the last time you had blood work done?

Have your hormones been stabilized for over a year?


If blood work has not been completed within the last 1 year we request that there is updated panel of blood work looking at those 5 hormones.


If you have been on a medication or your hormones have been stabilized for over a year, it is unlikely that the hormone is causing the hair loss. However, if there is a predisposition to genetic hair loss the hair may struggle to recover or with regrowth.

Complimentary Hair Evaluation

Now you have read this and worried about your hair your hair health! What can you do? Schedule a complimentary no-cost evaluation with one of our knowledgeable consultants.

Sign up for a Hair Analysis test.

Learn about the leading cause of your hair loss, receive a customized treatment program, and work with a consultant one-on-one for a year to ensure we stop your hair loss.


Through our evaluations we use a microscope to view scalp health, active/dormant follicles, hair loss patterns, and hair miniaturization. The evaluation also shows how much potential in hair regrowth & stabilization of hair loss. The Hair Analysis test offers an in-depth look at the internal function and how it affects hair loss.


If we can identify the leading cause of hair loss occurring at the cellular level, our program can implement steps (supplements and products) to compensate or change the program, which often relieves these symptoms.


Hair Analysis Test provided by National Hair Loss.

Nutritional Balancing Program provided by contracted National Hair Loss physician.

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