Prick Vs. Pluck – Hair Analysis & Blood Testing for Hair Loss

National Hair Loss prides itself on implementing the latest technologies and analysis to help our patients have their best hair possible and overall body health as well!  Since adding a comprehensive hair analysis to our hair loss services we’ve had some common questions:

“Wouldn’t a blood test be more accurate?”
“What is the difference between hair analysis and blood testing?”


Hair Analysis

Hair is considered a soft tissue of the body. While hair in all actuality is “dead,” minerals deposited in  the hair when it formed remain encapsulated in the hair structure. The average level of minerals is about 10 times as high in the hair as in the blood. If minerals like zinc, calcium, and magnesium are low, it will show up in the hair long before it will show up on a blood test. This makes minerals easier to measure accurately in the hair.  Hair testing gives an average reading of about three months of health data. This form of an analysis is useful in detecting long-term patterns.

Blood Testing Analysis

Blood minerals are maintained at fairly even levels at all times. Deficiencies are often inaccurate in blood testing because the body takes from other organs what it needs to keep the blood as normal as possible. A persons blood calcium levels can be normal but a person can have a calcium deficiency. As a result, the blood is not a good place to measure minerals.

Toxicities like heavy metals are removed from the blood as fast as possible. They are stored in tissues of the body (i.e. hair) where they will do less damage. For this reason, it is harder to detect toxic metals in the blood. On the other hand, hair provides a record of past as well as present levels of heavy metal toxicities, food intolerances, parasites and gives a window to your gut health. Gut health as we know to be, is a relevant factor in overall health.


Patient Results

Day-to-day lifestyle and product consumption can have an impact on our health and result in hair loss. Since introducing a hair analysis test at National Hair Loss, test results have shown some patient are intolerant of items we use daily including:

  • Highly allergic to fluoride in toothpastes
  • Metal toxicities from deodorants and tooth fillings
  • Parasites in the gut
  • Intolerant to fruits, dairy, wheat, alcohol, coffee, etc.

Once our patient obtains these valuable health results they can get on the road to healthy body and healthy hair! Upon returning for 12 week retesting, we have found an incredible response to the new changes. Patients are losing weight, having significant rise in energy, and skin breakouts clearing. The best results of all is hair looks shiny, full and voluminous!


Written By: Brandy Lessafre, National Hair Loss Patient Coordinator 

How can I get tested?

If you would be interested in having hair analysis testing, please contact us at (602)283-2355 and schedule a complimentary evaluation. Do you live out of Arizona? Many National Hair Loss patients are out of state and country so we are able to easily send necessary paperwork and instruct you in taking 10-15 hairs from the scalp to complete testing.




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