Through The Patient’s Eyes – Hair After Using Cold Cap

As a company that specializes in hair loss we prides ourselves on education, even on treatments we do not offer. When Cold Cap therapy was introduced it was exciting. The concept is patients keep their hair during chemotherapy when using Cold Cap. As a new product there were many successes. One patient shares her experience using Cold Cap and the process of getting thicker healthier hair following cancer treatment.


Brandy: What made you consider further therapy with National Hair Loss after finishing chemotherapy and using Cold Cap?


Patient: I went to a follow up with my oncology nurse and while I was so thankful to still have hair, I asked her if there was anything I could do to make it even healthier. She suggested that I go to National Hair Loss for a free consultation. When I came to you I was on a protocol of washing my hair only once a week and washing very gently so more hair would not come out. I did not realize that my infrequent washing was contributing to my unhealthy hair and the thinning I was experiencing. The consultation was so informative!


Brandy: How would you describe your experience at National Hair Loss compared to using Cold Cap?

Patient: Well, you put me on a protocol of washing my hair daily to every other day with a specialized shampoo and I came in 3 times a week for 30-minute laser treatments. There was no discomfort involved and overall it was an easy process!


Brandy: You have done so amazing at putting your complete faith in us and letting us lead you to healthier hair. I was so anxious to get you to that 90-day mark so we could both look at your before and after photos to see how far you’ve come! What did you notice about your hair after 90 days on our hair recovery program?

Patient: When I saw my 90 day before and after photos it brought me to tears because I was just in awe. My hair is so much easier to manage and I don’t have to use as many products for lift and volume. I just blow dry and go! People have noticed including my husband, daughter and others close to me which makes you feel really good when they tell me how good about my hair. Even my personal trainer and stylist both have commented to me about how my hair is looking so healthy!


Brandy: Isn’t that such a great feeling when others notice too?! Love that! Thanks so much for meeting with me and helping others to get a glimpse in to using Cold Cap and the use of laser therapy after. We have loved working with you! As a final thought, can you tell others your thoughts on working with National Hair Loss?

Patient: I would not change a thing! The education given to me about laser therapy and how it can help was paramount to me. There was no stress, pressure, hassles or waiting for long periods in a waiting room. You have always answered my phone calls and text messages right away and I was always well informed with what was happening and why. I just have no complaints because I can clearly see the benefits! I’m so glad that you are here and helping so many people!


Left: After Cold Cap / Right: 90 Days On Laser Therapy

Left: After Cold Cap / Right: 90 Days On Laser Therapy


Written By: Brandy Lesaffre with patient permission.

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