How To Grow A Thicker Beard

Dreaming of a Thicker Beard?

We all (or some of us) strive to have that perfect 5 o’clock shadow. Some men think of shaving every day is a curse while some of us would gladly inherit that problem. How do we get that perfect beard look? Is it only genetic? WikiHow helps us get to the bottom of this…



Maximizing Beard Growth

1: Eat Well.

We always hear the statement- you are what you eat. If we lack protein in our diet this can always contribute to hair loss and sparse beard growth. A Hair Analysis is a great way to learn lifestyle changes that cater to the overall health of your hair and beard. (Hair Analysis Available at National Hair Loss)


2: Take a vitamin supplement.

The question is… are all vitamins treated as equal? Biotin is a key player in this game but how do we know which is the best? Dermatologists recommend taking 2.5 mg a day. We personally love S3 by Monat Supplement Support System that has 5 mg per serving with cutting edge proprietary blend. (S3 Available at National Hair Loss)


3: Exercise.

Now this might be confusing… testosterone production improves beard growth. What? Doesn’t testosterone contribute to male pattern hair loss? Have you ever noticed how men with bald heads have full beards? This is where testosterone is your friend… only when you want to thicken out that beard. Don’t you worry, you can have both, contact a hair loss professional for a customized program. (No-cost Evaluations Available at National Hair Loss)


4: Hereditary.

We can thank our dad, uncle or grandfather for our amazing thick beard or not so amazing peach fuzz. Genetics play a big role of what type of beard growth we have by the natural testosterone our body produces. There are always options like a facial hair transplant procedure or take your chance on a more natural route using essential oils and topical solutions like Intense Repair Treatment Spray. (IRT Spray Available at National Hair Loss).

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