DHT Sensitivity versus DHT Blockers

The #1 cause of hair loss is DHT sensitivity.

What Is DHT?

Dihydrotestosterone is the #1 cause of hair loss for men and women. Each of us produces the DHT hormone, but a DHT sensitivity causes hair loss.

Quick Facts About DHT:

  • DHT is a hormone converted from testosterone that causes acne and hair loss.
  • Everyone, including men and women, produce DHT; and it's a DHT sensitivity that causes hair loss.
  • Hair loss in a specific pattern: Male Pattern Baldness & Female Pattern Hair Loss AKA Christmas Tree Effect
  • DHT is responsible for androgenetic alopecia for men and women.
  • DHT restricts the blood flow that feeds your hair causing the hair to become thinner.
DHT shrinks hair follicles. DHT may contribute to the shortening of hair follicles, causing them to shrink until there are fewer visible hairs left on the scalp.

How Do I know If I have DHT Sensitivity?

You will know if you have DHT sensitivity by the pattern of your hair loss. For men and women, we lose our hair on the top of our head while the back remains thick. You may have seen a 60-year-old man with a full head of hair, and you may have noticed a 45-year-old who was bald on top with hair on the back. What is the difference between these two men besides age? The 25-year-old has a sensitivity to DHT that caused him to lose his hair. While the other man still produced DHT, there was no sensitivity.

For women, we don’t go bald like men. We have a diffuse pattern that resembles thin wispy hair that is see through to the scalp.

Will DHT Blockers Help My Hair Loss?

DHT blockers is a fancy buzzword used by marketing companies. For men, DHT is converted in the testes. Propecia is a medication for men that blocks the conversion of DHT. Unfortunately, there are no DHT blockers available to women. Women convert DHT in their ovaries and adrenal glands. No medication has been found to help women stop the conversion of DHT.

Supplement companies will use keywords to market their DHT Blockers, but from a scientific standpoint, it is impossible to block DHT with a supplement.

Hair Loss Products That Help with DHT Sensitivity

  1. Shampoos for hair loss will have the proper degreasers and detergents to cleanse the hair will also remove DHT while washing the dirt and oil off the scalp. We recommend using the MONAT Men’s 2+1 Shampoo & Conditioner or the Intense Repair Shampoo.
  2. Low-level laser therapy is an option for those experiencing genetic hair loss. Laser therapy does not block DHT. Laser therapy opens up the blood vessel that DHT was blocking, allowing blood flow to “flush” out DHT. Low-level laser therapy is the only FDA Cleared method to stop hair loss without the use of medication. Laser therapy works on a cellular level to expand blood vessels, increase blood flow, and stimulate hair growth.
Young adult woman's hair loss treatment with laser hair treatment before and after photos

Before & After Results (Female Genetic Hair Loss – Laser Hair Therapy)

Young adult man with genetic hair loss treated with laser hair therapy before and after photos

Before & After Results (Male Genetic Hair Loss – Laser Hair Therapy)

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