Derma Roller for Hair Loss

Take your at home hair loss treatments to the next level with our stem cell serum combined with a luxury derma roller. The duel combo will enhance stem cell absorption to create visible hair growth results with no downtime. The derma roller will gently create micro-channels on your scalp and into the skin to deliver the active ingredients. Then you will massage the stem cell serum directly onto the scalp. The more product that can enter the skin, the better the hair growth results.

Benefits of using the Derma Roller for Hair Growth:

  • Supports hair growth and follicle recovery
  • Improves scalp texture
  • Promotes blood flow to follicles
  • Anti-aging scalp treatment
  • Stimulates cell growth and cell turnover for healthier follicles

How to Use Derma Roller for Hair Loss

Use roller before applying serum. Apply minimal pressure.

1. Use the derma roller on your scalp once per week. Start at the front of the head at the hairline and work your way down the back of the head. Follow one direction, 2 to 3 times only, roll over the entire scalp or areas of thinning. Do not roll back and forth. You should always wet your hair before a treatment. Wetting your hair will minimize your roller from getting tangled up with hair and prevent you from pulling your hair out. Repeat this process from front to back until you have covered all areas. (horizontal, vertical and diagonal).

2. Massage the stem cell serum product directly onto the scalp to ensure full coverage.

3. Clean the derma rollers with 91% Alcohol after each use.

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