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The Best in the Biz – Why so many women, including celebrities in the entertainment and fitness industries, are becoming National Hair Loss devotees.

It’s an indisputable fact: women, men, celebrities…we all want beautiful hair. Throughout history, we’ve been obsessed with making it that way. Unfortunately, another fact is that the majority of women will face some sort of hair loss in their lifetime, and that presents a definite challenge in our quest for a lush, gorgeous ‘do. Female hair loss occurs for an astonishing variety of very common reasons. We can shed our strands post-pregnancy, when we’re stressed out or eating an unbalanced diet, or after surgery or weight loss – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hormones, medications, illnesses, and genetics can all play a role in diminishing our “crowning glory.”


Female Hair Loss In The Public Eye

It’s a problem that doesn’t escape many women, even those in the high-profile entertainment and fitness industries. And when you live your life under the sharp gaze of the public eye, always expected to look your best, having less-than-luscious locks can hit especially hard. Enter National Hair Loss, a company that is fast becoming a favorite of its clientele – women and men, celebrities and non-celebs alike – because of the unprecedented results people are achieving. The name pops up more and more frequently in outlets such as The Hollywood Reporter and Women’s Health Magazine, as those whose hair is a professional asset entrust National Hair Loss to preserve and maintain it.


Letitia Frye – Breaking The Taboo of Celebrities & Hair Loss

One such celebrity is Letitia Frye – a renowned motivational speaker and “Auctiontainer” who has helped raise over $200 million for charity alongside A-list stars. Her lifelong commitment to helping others, along with her endurance of two unspeakable tragedies, gave way to her unique and engaging speaking career. An avid runner all her life, Letitia was struck by a car while jogging, which left her with a severe concussion and traumatic brain

injury. Previous thyroid-related hair loss issues had led Letitia to seek help from National Hair Loss, and she sought them out within ten
days of her accident to help with the trauma to her scalp. Within a few months, her hair was back and healthier than ever thanks to the interventions of the National Hair Loss team. When you demand a crowd’s attention and all eyes are on you, you want to feel your best … and now, Letitia does. View her hair loss story.


Hair Loss Help From National Hair Loss

National Hair Loss’s popularity is due to a combination of factors – for starters, it’s staffed by people who have firsthand experience with hair loss, either their own or a loved one’s. This lends to the supportive and understanding atmosphere so crucial for client success. They understand, perhaps better than most, that there are nearly-innumerable reasons for hair loss, and that it requires much more than a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why each client receives a comprehensive workup using cutting-edge technologies, and a program is specifically tailored to target their unique issues. “Through a hair analysis, we can learn about a lot of things, including nutritional deficiencies, concentrations of certain metals, and food intolerances,” says Carly Klein, founder of National Hair Loss, who makes it her personal mission to stay on top of the latest in hair therapies.

First Signs of Hair Loss

When we start noticing thin patches or a drain full of clumps, it’s alarming at best, especially since we’re rarely sure why it’s happening. “Women don’t realize that some of the normal things they do can harm their hair,” Carly states. For example, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – a common treatment that, ironically, helps women feel and look younger and rejuvenated – can lead to hair loss. But according to Carly, National Hair Loss can stabilize the hair so that there isn’t an issue, letting women reap the benefits of their HRT worry-free.

“Lots of women, even those in the spotlight, struggle with hair loss,” she says. “But we’re masters at what we do.” And whether it’s genetics or medication or diet or another reason altogether, National Hair Loss has the perfect solution to preserve and protect each precious strand.

Watch for our upcoming series highlighting the personal hair loss challenges of several of your favorite local celebrities and people in our community!

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