At Home Hair Loss Products for Women

Answers provided by Brandy L., Patient Consultant. Brandy is knowledgable in female hair loss treatments and currently works with women from all over the world.

1. I recently noticed my hair thinning, what are some effective at home treatments for women?

A proper supplement regimen in combination with our At-Home Booster Kit, includes dermaroller and stem-cell serum, can be extremely effective for those experiencing temporary hair thinning. For female genetic hair loss. which is mostly what I see at NHL, we need to pull out the “big guns” and use Medical Grade Stimulants to effectively stimulate follicles and hair growth. This treatment is effective, convenient and done in the privacy of your home. The sooner you address your hair thinning the more likely we can reverse it and regrow thicker hair.

2. What NHL products can stimulate thicker hair growth?

In order to make a visible change to your hair we have to stimulate the blood vessels that bring blood, water and nutrients to your hair. Our at-home Hair Recovery Program includes Medical Grade stimulants to address the cause of hair thinning and support healthier, thicker hair regrowth! Some patients choose to further boost their results by adding stem cell therapies, supplements, and hair care. Each patient on a Hair Recovery Program has their progress overseen by an experienced hair loss consultant who will instruct and guide them in order to help meet their goals!

3. I’ve been using products for my hair loss, is Rogaine the best product to stop hair loss or can I add more to my routine?

Many of the women I help are on regimens that include Rogaine. Once applied topically, the ingredients in Rogaine agitate the skin and force blood flow to the follicles. While Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a widely used therapy for hair loss it is also extremely habit forming. It is not my typical “go to product” when someone sees me for a hair loss evaluation. We offer a variety of clean, natural topical products as an alternative.

If you are currently on Rogaine, during my evaluation I will ask how long you have been on it, what percentage you are using and how often. The answers to these questions will determine if I have you continue using or if I wean you off of Rogaine on to something non-habit forming that can have the same effect. For those who want to remain on Rogaine, you certainly can incorporate other treatments into your routine.

4. What shampoo does NHL recommend for thinning hair?

Look for Paraben/Sulphate free shampoo’s that contain stimulating ingredients like Peppermint and Rosemary. Not all hair is the same, so not all hair care is right for you. Hair care routines are customized to you following your evaluation. For more information on brands and how to customize your regimen feel free to reach out to our consultants who can give you best recommendations to meet your hair goals!

5. What is your hair care routine?

Oh Boy! You should see my bathtub ledge…It is a hodge podge of shampoo’s, conditioners and masques.  Personally speaking, I have androgenetic hair loss so my regimen consists of the following:

  1. First rinse is with a botanical volumizing shampoo. Tip: Scrub, Scrub, Scrub…Don’t be TOO gentle on your scalp.
  2. Second rinse is with botanical hair loss shampoo infused with rosemary and peppermint oils. Tip: Second rinse is recommended since first wash was to remove debris and oil build-up off scalp, 2nd rinse is therapeutic to help stimulate my scalp.
  3. Third, I use my hair loss conditioner focusing in my roots and comb to my ends with a fine-tooth comb, leave for 2 minutes then rinse. Tip: Combing your conditioner through with a fine-tooth comb will help to push the product into the cuticle of the hair and will give longer lasting hydration to your locks!
  4. 2x weekly I use a deep conditioning masque from roots to end and leave on up to 15 minutes. Tip: This step does NOT take the place of your regular conditioner

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