Alopecia Areata Support Group in New York

New York Alopecia Support Group

Recently I had the opportunity to attend an alopecia areata support group and meet with others dealing with the endless bald spots. I was excited to attend because it was going to be my first time finding a support group for alopecia. Since 2014, I had yet to find a group in the city I lived in. It took until a trip to New York that I saw a post on Facebook and made the commitment to myself to go.

Who Gets Alopecia Areata?

Once I arrived I met Lindsey, the National Alopecia Areata Foundation New York Ambassador, and received a big welcome. As we all began to gather you could notice that we were all different ages, races and genders. Most of the group were women, the youngest was 6 and the oldest was in there 50s. We were from different parts of the US and some were from South America. The commonality between us was our alopecia areata, however no one had the exact reason of the cause of their hair loss.

Successful Alopecia Areata Treatments

As the group continued to introduce ourselves one of the most common topics was alopecia areata treatments. The majority of the group had tried some sort of steroid cream or scalp injections for alopecia. We discussed how gut health could be a potential trigger. I shared with the group that is where I found my most success, is learning about my immune system and how what I eat can effect me.

What to do if you have Alopecia?

Do not go online and search for answers. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another. I found success after working from the inside out, and finding a solution to a healthier immune system. Meet with a National Hair Loss team member today and learn about successful treatments for alopecia areata.

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