Accelerate Hair Growth After Chemo

National Hair Loss is the first in the country to develop a Hair Recovery Program to accelerate hair growth for chemotherapy patients with hair loss (medical induced alopecia).


It is our goal to provide resources, treatments, and support to cancer patients who are enduring chemotherapy hair loss.


Since 2010, National Hair Loss has established relationships at cancer centers and served many cancer “thrivers” and “survivors” across the world.



Hair Recovery Program for Chemotherapy Patients


National Hair Loss implements the latest technology to accelerate hair growth using FDA Cleared low-level laser therapy devices. Low-level laser therapy (Laser Therapy) will help with accelerating the hair regrowth process for patients who have undergone chemotherapy and radiation. The laser stimulates blood flow and accelerates the growth phase by carrying all the proper protein and nutrients to the hair.


How Can Accelerate Hair Growth After Chemo?

Studies show that patients with hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation treatments, and no predisposition to hair loss, usually see their hair grow back in 9-10 months. For many, post-op hair has slow growth cycles and abnormal characteristics of uneven growth, “baby-fine” hair, or “chemo curls.”

Patients receiving laser therapy treatments can accelerate hair growth as quick as 90 days. For most patients using laser therapy, results can include thicker and better quality hair follicle.


What if I had thinning hair before Chemo?


Laser Therapy has the ability to stop genetic hair loss for those who have a sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is common for those who had thinning hair before chemotherapy to have sparse growth or no growth. Once your body goes through chemotherapy all the resources and nutrients are used to heal and repair the body. Common for most patients the hair, skin, and nails is the last the receive any nutrients. There are “Rogaine-like” hair loss products available target areas of slow growth to help stimulate on a topical level.

90 Day Results on Hair Recovery Program

Am I a candidate for Laser Therapy?

It is important to have realistic expectations for your hair and results. For those who have had more aggressive chemotherapy treatments for a longer duration may have a slower hair growth. It is important stimulate blood flow to carry the nutrients and protein to help growth. As with all laser hair regimens results vary with each individual. A strict adherence to the protocol schedule is required for best results.


Patients who are one-year or longer post chemotherapy can also benefit from laser therapy to gain back their hairs full maturity.

View our incredible success stories for those who recovered their hair and confidence.

Hair Treatments To Stimulate Hair Growth After Chemo

Fun Scarf Tying for Chemo Hair Loss


Are you experiencing hair loss as a result of chemotherapy or radiation treatment?


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