Looks years younger with the world's most advanced non-surgical facelift, available at NHL! The advanced technology will lift, smooth and tighten areas of the face and neck.
-- Wrinkle reduction
-- Upper Eyelift, Lower Eyelift and Crowsfeet
-- Smooth lines around the mouth
-- Tighten loose neck skin
Pain-free treatment. Minimal downtime. Youthful results lasting up to 3 years.
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PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Get results after 1 treatment. Get thicker, stronger, healthier hair with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Accelerate follicular regeneration and increase hair growth after 1 session. Add growth factor boosters to maximize your results.

Increase Hair Density

Medical-grade stimulants can successfully stop hair loss and increase hair density. The clinically proven technology helps strengthen hair and promote healthy hair growth.

Hair Style for Thin Hair

Be confident knowing your hair looks perfect with our customized hair pieces, wigs and hair extensions approved for fine and thin hair. Indulge in a private salon experience and enhance your look with any color, style length, and thickness - while keeping your hair healthy.

Successful Hair Restoration Treatments

High-Performance Lift

Our advanced skin-tightening solution for a lasting youthful appearance is an excellent alternative to surgery or injections. Diminish wrinkles, smooth skin, and restore natural vibrancy in just 1 treatment.

Stem Cell Microneedling Facial

Harness the power of your stem cells and rejuvenate your skin with our PRP facial! Combined with our microneedling, your skin will look and feel beautifully smooth, soft, moisturized, and healthy.

Anti-aging Facials

Our high-quality facial will transform your skin's health. The potent mix of anti-aging ingredients is specially formulated to your skin type for the best results. Treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, uneven skin tone for a more radiant look. Oncology-safe.

Anti-aging Skin Treatments


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Hush&Hush Hair Supplement Review

Hair supplements are a great addition to your hair care routine. Learn why we prefer Hush&Hush supplements to others on the market.

Top Anti-aging Treatments available in the Southwest

National Hair Loss is a leader in anti-aging treatments for hair and skin. Voted #1 Medspa in Scottsdale, AZ. Clients travel from all over for our hair restoration treatments and aesthetic services. Book your complimentary consultation today.

Scottsdale Bride Spa Day for Hair and Skin

Enjoy your wedding day knowing your hair and skin look flawless. Worried about thin hair for your wedding updo or skin challenges? Our team of beauty experts will customize a program to help you get your perfect look.








Google Reviews I was introduced to National Hair Loss through my daughter as my hair was thinning at the crown of my head where you could see my scalp. I started using the laser therapy cap and their hair products with great results... The laser therapy cap has been successful in adding volume to my hair... Using the cap is easy and you can take it anywhere... I highly recommend National Hair loss to help with any type of hair loss...

Google Reviews I am so happy with my hair growth results, even my stylist mention the positive changes in my hair! I came to National Hair Loss concerned about my thinning hair after giving birth. I worked with Brandy and she has been a big help - she was empathetic to being a new mom and offered support whenever I needed it.

Google Reviews This place restored my dignity and confidence. Thanks to the treatments I had a full head of hair within 6 months after chemo. The process is painless, enjoy a nap while your head is treated, and rest assured it will work. The staff really cares and will share your victory inch by inch. They became friends as well as cheerleaders.