Understanding PRP: Fad or New Find

National Hair Loss is proud to now be one of the few places in Arizona offering Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP is a treatment that has long been used however, has only recently been tested on hair thinning and Alopecia. So far, the results have been far from disappointing.


What is PRP?


PRP is an all-natural treatment that takes the blood from our own and body and injects it back into our scalp. Once the blood is drawn from our body, it is placed in a centrifuge for a time that varies between 5 and 15 minutes depending on your doctor. This allows the Plasma to be separated from the other key ingredients that make up your blood. The Plasma is important because it transports nutrients and proteins to the parts of the body in order to quicken the healing process. When the Plasma itself is injected back into your scalp, it stimulates healing and allows the hair to grow back.


Is it painful?


The procedure if not done correctly can cause pain. However, if done by the correct doctor this should be effortless and pain free. While you cannot change the needle going into your scalp, the sensitivity of your scalp can be changed. Before starting PRP, be sure to ask your doctor what sort of anesthetics he or she will use in order to prevent pain. Since it is your own body working to heal itself, with no known side effects.


How much does it cost and how long is the treatment?


The price of treatment varies based on the provider. There are a total of three PRP treatments each of which is 6 weeks apart. The results generally begin to show after 2 months of starting the treatment. This can vary based on the person and their extent of hair loss.

ABC news recently interviewed hairdresser Chad Gunter who recently noticed his own hair thinning. He made the decision to start PRP injections and has since had tremendous results. http://www.ksat.com/health/platelet-rich-plasma-showing-promising-results-treating-hair-loss

PRP is most effective when partnered with a prevention treatment such as low-level light therapy (laser therapy)For more information or to schedule a consultation for PRP and laser therapy, call our office at 602-283-2355.

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