Style Guide: Scarf Tying

Scarves are much more than a winter accessory — they are a year-round necessity! Summer is here and we want to show you how to turn your scarf into a trendy accessory. A majority of women immediately imagine the traditional a scarf worn around your neck on a cold winter day when thinking about scarves. Here are some fun ways to dash up your summer outfits! Tie your hair up with your scarf when you’re sitting by the pool or wrap it around your neck when the sun starts to set. Comfy outfits like a T-shirt and jeans, can easily be dressed up with a scarf with a floral or funky pattern. With summer around the corner it’s best to get a light weight material that is cool for the scalp such as cotton or silk. This can be a great alternative to keep cool on those sunny summer days.


Feel like scarves always look good on others and want to try yourself but don’t know how? Find a color that you love on you, then watch our “Sun hats & Scarf Tying” for an easy way to learn the scarf look for you.

Are you or a loved on going thru chemotherapy or suffering from hair loss and want to look fashionable while going through treatment? Take charge of the way you look. Certain styles of head scarves can give you the illusion that you have hair. Making you feel beautiful and back to yourself!  Take a look at some of our cancer patients favorite looks.


(Photo: National Hair Loss Patient, Brittany Gaines, Carly Klein)

Interested in learning scarf tying? Need makeup tips on eyebrows and lashes after chemo? Sign up for an upcoming beauty class through our events page!

Looking for a scarf to match your style? Visit our friends at The Scarf Shop.

-Carly Klein, National Hair Loss President

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