Hair Restoration Therapies

National Hair Loss offers a multitude of hair restoration therapies custom fit to each individuals needs.

Treatments can include :

Identifying Underlying Medical Condition
Naturopathic – Vitamins & Supplements
Hair Care Products For Hair Loss
Low-level Light Therapy (Laser Therapy)
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
Hair Restoration FUT & FUE (Hair Transplant)


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Loss

PRP contains essential proteins that accelerate natural hair growth. The treatment can also be combined with hair transplant, low-level light therapy, or medications such as Propecia and Minoxidil. PRP therapy for hair loss is a treatment that involves withdrawing a patient’s own blood, processing it so that only the enriched cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain, and injecting it into scalp.

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Laser Therapy

Our Hair Recovery Programs a 98% success rate at stopping hair loss using the newest and most advanced technology available. Our treatments involve using FDA Cleared Low-level Light Therapy (Laser Therapy) to stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth for men and women. Laser therapy is a non-invasive and drug-free method to stimulate blood flow providing hair with proper protein, nutrients, water and energy to thrive. The low level lasers are called “soft” or “cold” lasers since they do not emit heat, sound, or vibration.

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Hair Transplant

Often times when a patient experiences hair loss there is a desire to have their hair where it once was. Hair transplants are a permanent option to restore hair by transplanting donor hairs into a predesigned pattern. Each procedure offers natural results and leaves a scar of a different size.

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is the newest and most advanced technology option in hair restoration. This minimally invasive surgery uses a machine to select donor hairs leaving small pin sized scars making a transplant undetectable for those who enjoy a short hair style. Benefits of FUE include short recovery time, virtually pain free, and no stitches.

FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant

FUT is the most common form of hair transplant. FUT procedure will leave a linear scar, however FUT is able to harvest a larger donor area resulting in higher graft count. This option is for those interested in transplanting in a larger area.

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Hair Care Products

Through extensive clinical research, our Monat products have combined active botanicals with state-of-the-art scientific technologies to deliver naturally based, safe, pure and sustainable products. Paraben Free & Sulfate Free products available. Products contain a color-lock and is safe for color treated hair. UVA & UVB Protectant.

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Volume System

Made for men and women with fine and thin hair. Restore your scalp using proper degreasers and detergents to cleanse your hair with our sensational Shampoo. Restore dry and damaged hair with our moisturizing Conditioner without weighing down your hair. Add volume and strength to your hair with our Root Lifter.

Root Lifter                             $33.00
Revive Shampoo                 $35.00
Revitalize Conditioner        $47.00
Balance System

Made for men and women with course and dry hair. Our luxury shampoo will cleanse your hair without drying it out. Indulge in our moisturizing conditioner that pumps moisture into the hair shaft for thicker and fuller hair. Enriched with botanical oils and extract to condition the scalp. Finish with our favorite hair masque to bring back shine and vibrance.

Renew Shampoo                              $33.00
Replenish Masque                           $50.00
Restore Leave-In Conditioner       $35.00
Classic Confidence

Made for men and women with thinning hair and hair loss. Cleanse away surface DHT, repair hair strands, and increase thickness. Wake up dormant hairs and stimulate regrowth with our natural Rogaine-Like topicals. The combination of botanical ingredients will leave the scalp tingling and refreshed.

Two-in-one Shampoo & Conditioner        $38.00
Intense Repair Spray                                      $65.00


Our Premier Products
Rejuvenation Oil        $99.00
Intense Repair Spray     $65.00
Intense Repair Shampoo    $38.00
Follicle Spray             $18.95
Concealing Products
Lash of Dreams            $22.95
Hair Fibers                    $34.95
Root Concealer            $29.95
Hair Care Packages for $99.99
Balance System
Volume System
Sophisticated Black
Power Boost
Let It Grow
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