Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) & Hair Loss Treatments

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Written By: Penny Anderson – Owner of Wild At Heart Studio in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona


When I first heard about Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), I thought, hmm, who would get a scalp tattoo and why? 


I’ve been a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist and Instructor for over twenty years so I’m very familiar with how the skin handles pigment but still, I was unfamiliar with Scalp Micropigmentation in general.


However, the more I educated myself about SMP, and the more incredible results I viewed, the more it made perfect sense and I thought it was an ingenious solution to thinning hair, Alopecia and scar camouflaging, which is why I am now a certified Scalp Micropigmentation Artist.

My Hair Loss 

I remember it was about 10 years ago when I first noticed that my hair seemed to be thinning. I started to panic.   It stressed me out, which I believed led to increased thinning.  


Being a cosmetologist by trade, I know that some hair lossis normal, inevitable even… but I wasn’t interested in accepting the problem and chose to visit doctor after doctor, each saying I was fine.  


I was frustrated but on a mission to discover what was happening to me.  

I cleaned out my brushes, I brushed my hair for a week with the same brush and at the end of the week I was horrified!  I took all of the hair in that was in my brush, put it in a baggie and took it to a naturopathic doctor.  Instead of discounting my feelings, he took me into a room that had stacks upon stacks of little brown bottles and what appeared to be a battery tester.  He invited me to sit while he sat across from me pressing a metal probe on my index finger while I held individual vials in my other hand.  

His prognosis was that I had systemic candida and it was attacking my thyroid which was causing my hair loss.  Thrilled that I actually had a doctor who didn’t think I was insane and who didn’t just review only my blood work results which appeared to be normal, I had something that I could work with.


I didn’t know what candida was or why I had it. How did I get it? Was it contagious?  I was baffled.  I discovered that systemic candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the body that can be harmful.  We all have healthy flora (yeast) in our bodies but when it grows out of control it can cause major health issues.  


A long time ago, I had some skin issues that required me to take antibiotics.  Round after round of oral Minocycline and topical Tazarac and Differin wreaked havoc on my body causing the healthy happy yeast to revolt and over produce more yeast in my system, which led to it attacking my thyroid. Yeast feeds on sugar & carbohydrates, so without knowing what was happening, I was feeding this monster in my body.


I was determined to get my hair back and resolve my health issue.  I bought lotions and potions, I completely overhauled my diet with the help of a book that I believe gave me my life back called ‘The Body Ecology Diet,’ authored by Donna Gates. After months of altering my diet,eventually the hair loss dissipated, some of my hair grew back but to this day, my hair is still not as full as it used to be.

SMP “Head Tattoos”

Years later, I met myfriend, Mary, who introduced me to SMP.  I discovered that many women find themselves inthe same boat and are experiencing thinning hair.  Most people in that situation want to have a quick improvement, instant gratification, and in that regard Scalp Micropigmentaion is a perfect non-surgical solution, as it creates the appearance of a full head of hair follicles.  In one session, bare scalp will be considerably less noticeable than it was prior to the procedure.  


The Scalp Micropigmentation procedure is extremely gratifying to my clients who have experienced thinning hair, Alopecia or surgical scarring.


However, if you want an analysis and explanation into the causes of your hair loss, and avoid going through the headaches and stress I experienced, this is where my new affiliation with National Hair Loss, and their representativeBrittany, can be of great assistance.  They offer a hair analysis as well as a multitude of hair restoration therapies custom fit to each individuals needs.  


Together, we are offering a complimentary consultation on March 16th 10am-2pm at my studio.  There is no obligation to purchase, however if you do and are not happy with the results, National Hair Losswill refund 70% refund of your investment.  


During the complimentary hair evaluation you can expect a complete hair analysis using microscopic exploration that allows the technician to see the health of the scalp, active dormant follicles, and the density of hair strands.  She also will review your health history to see what might be the leading factor such as genetic, medical, stress or possible medication.


If you are suffering from hair loss, and spending money on over the counter products that you pray are going to work, why not take the guessing out of it and get a free analysis and information?


What if you could stop your hair loss, slow it down or stimulate new hair growth?


Take the guessing and stress out of thinning hair.  Call Wild At Heart Studio and schedule a free hair analysis appointment on March 16th.  

Penny Anderson

Penny Anderson has owned and operated Wild At Heart Studio in Scottsdale, AZ since 1998.

Penny is a Licensed and Certified Permanent Makeup (PMU) Artist and Permanent Makeup Instructor as well as a Licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed Aesthetician and Aesthetics Instructor with over 20 years of training and experience.  Penny is also a Certified Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Artist.

Penny has appeared on TV’s KTVK 3 News Channel AZ Family where she has been interviewed as the owner of Wild At Heart Studio and Senior Educator of The Skin and Makeup Institute speaking on her specialized and advanced Permanent Makeup and Skin Care techniques.

Penny is one of the most highly experienced and well respected Permanent Makeup artists and Skin Care specialists in the industry.

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