Case Study

Female: Genetic Hair Loss

Age: In 50s

Sex: Female

Type of Hair Loss: Genetic Hair Loss

When did hair loss begin: First started to notice hair loss 5+ years ago and has been using hair extensions for 20 years

Started Laser Therapy: June 2015

Progress Photo: 6 months (No Extensions)

Treatment:  Low-level Laser Therapy, Topical (Stimulant)

“Wearing extensions for more than 15 years I realized I had to make a drastic change if I wanted to save my hair.
My best friend told me about the cap and I saw a change in her hair. After my first meeting with Carly I decided to take out all the extensions and cut my hair. It was a bold decision but I felt I should do this properly and give it a chance as nothing topical on the general market was ever going to change my hair.

I have been using the cap for 9 months and I am amazed at my progress. It has not only grown but it has become thicker and now I have movement back in my hair and much more confidence in my appearance again.

I cannot thank Carly and her team enough for being straight forward and giving me the best service in a genuinely caring and honest atmosphere.”

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