Low Level Light Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a nonsurgical treatment for men and women experiencing hair loss. The low level lasers are called “soft” or “cold” lasers since they do not emit heat, sound, or vibration. Unlike surgical lasers that either vaporize or burn tissue, low level lasers do not generate heat or cause tissue injury.

What is Low-Level Light Therapy?

Low Level Laser Therapy has been extremely successful for women experiencing Female Pattern Hair Loss. Unlike males, who bald, females typically see a diffuse pattern of scalp hair loss. As long as there are miniaturized, residual hairs present, there is a very good chance of reversing the miniaturization and stopping future hair loss.


As with most nonsurgical treatments for hair loss, LLLT requires continuing treatments to maintain the improvements. Maintenance could involve once per week treatments in the Scottsdale office, or using a laser cap which is available through our office.
Low Level Light Therapy will not work on men or women whose hair loss is progressed to the point where there is smooth skin baldness where no follicles or vellous hairs are present.Candidates: Although women often make the best candidates for Low Level Light Therapy Hair Restoration, some men can benefit from LLLT as well. This type of laser hair therapy only restores life to miniaturized, dying hairs – called vellous hairs – by increasing blood flow to the follicle and rescuing it from its final stages before it disappears forever. The hair shaft of these vellous hairs, and others, will become thicker, and stronger. Once the health of these hairs is improved, they are more able to resist permanent hair loss.


In Office: The Sunetics Clinical Laser Unit that we use has perfected this low-level laser energy technology, making hair restoration simple and convenient by allowing its users to sit and relax beneath the device while they receive LLLT. The Sunetics Clinical Laser Unit has been shown to produce more dramatic results over shorter periods of time than other low-energy laser devices.


At Home: A laser cap is a special device available through our office that combines low level light therapy and portability and convenience. The light source is transmitted through a hermetically sealed dome that fits inside a baseball cap or hat and is worn 30 minutes every other day.