Let’s Talk: Female Hair Loss

Why is female hair loss taboo to talk about?

National Hair Loss team members Carly Klein and Brittany Gaines along with National Hair Loss Patient Patricia, were invited by Capillus to share our stories with Female Hair Loss. Our goal is to share our stories and support others who are devastated by this heartbreaking disease.

Carly Klein, President of National Hair Loss, shares her experience working in the image industry with a focus on treating Alopecia.

It’s common for us to hear about our husbands or boyfriends having hair loss and what we are doing to help them conceal, regrow, and hopefully stop the loss. Why is it taboo to talk about women’s hair loss? I encourage women to speak out, talk about what’s happening. What’s worked, what hasn’t, the frustrations and the emotional toll that it’s taken and how you recovered.
This can be key to helping our fellow women who are enduring the same hardships as we are. Help them not make some of the same mistakes. I had the privilege of having two of our clients come and speak about their journey on hair loss and how they recovered and now have the answers to their hair loss.” – Carly Klein


Brittany Gaines, Creative Director of National Hair Loss, shares her experience as a young female suffering from genetic hair loss and Alopecia Areata.

This was my sign, I was given this opportunity not only to help myself but to help others who are suffering from this heart breaking disease. I learned about different forms of hair treatments: hair transplants, hair loss products, low-level light therapy (Laser Therapy). I did not need a transplant, I had the products, but what was this low-level light therapy?

This was my answer! I cannot tell you how it works, that would be too easy. I suggest you learn how it works, see if you are a candidate and, embrace the feeling that there is an answer stop your hair loss.” – Brittany Gaines

Brittany Capillus

Patricia, Patient of National Hair Loss, shares her experience dealing with female hair loss, the cost of extensions, and finding a treatment that stops hair loss.

Wearing extensions for more than 15 years I realized I had to make a drastic change if I wanted to save my hair. My best friend told me about the cap and I saw a change in her hair. After my first meeting with Carly I decided to take out all the extensions and cut my hair. It was a bold decision but I felt I should do this properly and give it a chance as nothing topical on the general market was ever going to change my hair.

I have been using the cap for 9 months and I am amazed at my progress. It has not only grown but it has become thicker and now I have movement back in my hair and much more confidence in my appearance again.” – Patricia


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