Is Your Dry Shampoo Causing Hair Loss?

As most women in the United States, I am guilty of using dry shampoo on those busy days to avoid spending time washing my hair. Little did I know, those days I avoided washing my hair was causing more damage than the convenience was worth. Recently a famous hair care product was in the news for possibly causing hair loss in women and a hairstylist I knew told me that other hair care products would soon be coming under “fire,”  one of the products mentioned was dry shampoo. Fast forward 6 months and here I am being interviewed for a SmartFem article regarding dry shampoo and hair loss.

Is this true? Can dry shampoo cause hair loss? For some individuals, yes.

I.E. On average we lose 50-100 hairs a day, which usually come out when we shower. If you are using dry shampoo for 4 days you can expect to lose about 400 hairs in your next shower. 400 hairs will shock most individuals and leave them with an uneasy feeling.

I.E. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – causes genetic hair loss and acne. DHT is a hair follicles worst nightmare. The conversion of testosterone and estrogen creates the hormone that is known to decrease the blood flow to hair follicles causing them to miniaturize and eventually, without stimulation, will die.

DHT National Hair Loss

Enjoy reading the SmartFem article “Is Your Dry Shampoo Causing Hair Loss?”

– Brittany Gaines, National Hair Loss Creative Director

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