Heidi Powell – Understanding Female Hair Loss

For the past 6 months the National Hair Loss team has had the pleasure of working with Heidi Powell. Heidi is a mother, transformation specialist, and the other half of “America’s Fittest Couple” with husband Chris Powell.

The “Real” Heidi Powell

Most people would recognize Heidi with her 4 kids, toned fitness competition body, and long blonde hair. However, a few months back Heidi made a public post on her Instagram (@RealHeidiPowell) about how she had been stressing out over her hair. She had noticed that her hair had become thin and extensions were not achieving the volume and fullness she wanted.

@realheidipowell on Instagram

Heidi Powell Female Hair Loss

“…it’s thinner now than ever before…so much so that I’ve spent the last couple nights googling “female pattern baldness,” and my feed is PLAGUED by “disappointed” individuals that cannot believe I would stress about something like this?” – @RealHeidiPowell

Heidi reached out to her close friend Johnjay Van Es. Johnny is Phoenix KISS FM Radio DJ who speaks daily about his hair loss and success with laser therapy. Johnjay referred Heidi to Founder Carly Klein and after Heidi’s complimentary consultation she started the Hair Recovery Program for genetic female hair loss.

UPDATE: November 2016

“@realheidipowellI never would’ve imagined that I’d be experiencing genetic alopecia at just 34 years old! For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s hair loss…thanks to my dad. I guess with all the good he gave me, he had to pass along at least one challenging trait.😉”


Powell Metabolic Program

Hair Check – Heidi and her business partner Sean came to National Hair Loss so Heidi could undergo her hair check as part of her Hair Recovery Program.

During Heidi & Sean’s visit they shared their newest project the Powell Metabolic Program. Powell Metabolic Program is a new weight loss exercise program with services offered across Arizona. As some may know, weightless and diet can play a role in your hair health. National Hair Loss will be offering hair loss treatment for those with weightless induced Alopecia.

Heidi Powell Metabolic Program

Check back to see more of Heidi Powell’s Hair Story.

For more information on our Hair Recovery Program that Heidi Powell is on to stop her hair loss, please contact our office (602)283-2355 or (877)551-5350.

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